Giving Societies

  • Generous benefactors who invest in IUP students at a level bearing giving society distinction understand that philanthropy opens the doors of opportunity for students—doors that otherwise may never be opened. Members of our giving societies partner with the university to build the foundation for student success. Their investments enable IUP to grow and to flourish.

    IUP has three giving societies:

    IUP Leadership Society
    IUP Loyalty Society

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    IUP Leadership SocietyLeadership Society seal

    At IUP, important work is being done each day. The students who walk through the Oak Grove today will be the nurses, safety professionals, teachers, linguists, social workers, scientists, musicians, and business leaders who enable our society to progress tomorrow. Your leadership-level gift will provide the university with resources to equip these students with the knowledge and experiences they need to confidently go forth to achieve their dreams and ultimately make our world a better place.

    IUP Leadership Society members are those alumni, family, friends, and employees who have made gifts of $1000 or more to benefit the Foundation for IUP. Graduates of ten or fewer years are invited to join the IUP Leadership Society at a specially tiered level.

    IUP Leadership Society membership is calculated based upon the sum total of cumulative and matching gifts received between July 1 and June 30 each year.

    The following councils comprise the society.

    1875 Founders Council

    Silas Clark, John Sutton, Andrew Wilson, Alex Stewart, and Harry White were among those who sought to establish a higher education institution for the common good by raising $50,000 in subscriptions for the local normal school association. Their actions compelled Pennsylvania’s legislature to allocate funds to build the school’s first building and facilitate the opening of Indiana State Normal School in 1875. This giving level reflects their inspiration and aspirations for providing the best possible opportunities for young people.

    John Sutton Council

    IUP’s central campus is situated on land once owned by John Sutton, a founding member of the local normal school association and first board president of Indiana Normal School. He was revered for his contributions to the school and the community. Normal School trustees adopted a resolution stating, “So long as the Indiana Normal School of Pennsylvania exists, John Sutton will be remembered as one of its founders—as one of its first and best friends.” Like John Sutton, those who provide philanthropic support at this level are dedicated to the university’s mission and recognize its value to society.

    Willis Pratt Council

    Willis E. Pratt, IUP’s longest-sitting president, was known as an innovative and progressive thinker who led the university’s transformation from a college to a university. Pratt himself had an illustrious career in education on the world stage. During World War II, he gave up his college president’s post to serve in the U.S. Army in the Mediterranean region. Afterward, he oversaw the restoration of schools and universities in Italy. Dr. Pratt returned from his military duties to become president of Indiana State Teachers College. Members of the Willis Pratt Council believe that innovative education can transform society.

    Trustees Council

    Appointed by the governor, Council of Trustees members uphold the highest standards and ensure the university continues to uphold the public’s trust. Philanthropic investment at this level ensures academic and extracurricular programs are robust and that students have access to scholarship support they need not only to cover tuition but also for life-changing experiences such as study abroad and internships.

    Presidents Council

    The university’s top ambassador, the university’s president sets strategic goals and has the ultimate responsibility in ensuring IUP not only remains vibrant but is prepared to continue thriving through the best and the most uncertain of times. Support at the Presidents Council level creates a foundation to sustain the university and always respond to society’s needs.

    Hawks Council

    $250-$499 for graduates of five or fewer years; $500-$999 for graduates of six to ten years
    Full of ideals, graduates of the last decade are tomorrow’s leaders as well as recent Leadership benefactors. Because of their first-person understanding of the impact philanthropic generosity has on students, they, too, regard investing in their university a priority. Gifts at this level symbolize their trust in the university and their reciprocal commitment to a lifelong relationship with IUP.

    IUP Loyalty SocietyLoyalty Society seal

    Those who invest in IUP students and programs for three consecutive years or more are recognized as members of the IUP Loyalty Society. The consistent generosity of Loyalty Society members lays the foundation for long term growth as the university prepares to implement its strategic plan. Members of the IUP community are grateful for your steadfast support.

    IUP Loyalty Society association is sustained when gifts are made to IUP for three or more fiscal years (July 1 to June 30) without interruption.

    Matching Gifts

    Many corporations sponsor matching gift programs, meaning they are willing to match the charitable donations their current, and sometimes even retired, employees make. If your employer has a matching gift program, your gift’s impact could easily be doubled. When you make your gift or pledge online, you will find access to IUP’s matching gift database,, which can help you determine if your gift will be match eligible.