Seema BatraDirector of Customer Service, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Seema joined PNC in September of 1997 at the Customer Care Center. From the success she had, shortly, she moved on to PNC's retail network in the Pittsburgh market. Seema spent 12 years in the Pittsburgh market managing local branches. These branches included the Flagship 5th & Wood branch and other banking centers. From 2007-10, Seema was in a regional manager role in the Laurel Highlands Region, where she was instrumental in the National City Conversion as a partner during all four conversion waves.

In 2010, Seema moved on to the Strategic Initiatives Office as a customer and employee care manager for Flagstar and RBC Conversions. She led over 200 customer impacts and the parking lot management for the conversion weekend to mitigate any customer impacts. The conversion transitioned into Serving Customer Tomorrow projectssuch as the Thick and Thin markets which included 30 market projects for retail. Before moving on to her current role, Seema implemented the pilot for Universal Branch Transformation-Customer and Employee Strategy which kicked off the retail transformation currently in progress.

Since 2012, Seema has been the multi-channel director of Customer Experience for the Out of Bank Multi-Channel sales teams in retail banking. Seema works on cross-channel initiatives for five different retail channels and integrates both customer and employee experience by aligning them to the Human Sigma Operating Model from Gallup Consulting. She works closely with the channel managers, product and marketing teams, other line of business service partners. Seema is passionate about engaged employees to help drive the business outcomes, and uses several tools and resources from Gallup to create consistency in engagement.

Seema has won multiple Circle of Excellence Awards, a Gallup Great Workplace Manager Award, and other PNC awards during her tenure in the network. Seema is the president of the Asian American Employee Business Resource Group (EBRG), Pittsburgh Chapter, launched by her in 2012. EBRG's are PNC's internal employee communities and its mission is to integrate workforce, workplace and marketplace and make diversity intentional in the corporate culture.

In 2015, Seema has won the Diversity Individual Champion Award for her contribution to Diversity. Seema is certified as a women's business advocate, a supporter for diversity and inclusion initiatives for our customers, communities, and employees, and is a member of several EBRGs.

Seema has a Bachelor of Science degree from (IUP) Indiana University of Pennsylvania in marketing (1994), and a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Delhi University (1982).

Seema actively supports the Asian cultural events in the City of Pittsburgh and works closely with other local business leaders. Seema has two children and resides with her husband in Murrysville, Pa. In her spare time, she likes to travel and watch movies with her family.