Pre-approval for Coursework at Another College or University

If you are currently an IUP student and want to take a class at another accredited college or university, follow the steps below to apply for pre-approval to transfer your credits.

(If you are not a current IUP student and would like to know how courses from your current school will transfer, please see our Online Transfer Credit Equivalency System.)

How Does Transfer Credit Affect My IUP Transcript?

Only credits earned—not grades—transfer to IUP.

  • In order for course credits to transfer, you must earn a C- (C minus) or higher in those courses.
  • Transfer coursework does not affect your IUP grade point average. Only credits earned transfer to IUP.


  • Students will not receive transfer credit for an IUP course in which a D grade at IUP was earned.
  • At least 30 credits must be earned at IUP to receive an IUP degree.
    • The final 30 credits must be earned in residence unless the requirement is waived by your college dean.

How Do I Request Pre-Approval for Coursework I Want to Take at Another College or University?

  1. Visit the Online Transfer Credit Equivalency System and determine which classes from the outside institution may transfer to IUP.
  2. Discuss your coursework plans with your academic advisor.
  3. Complete the electronic Application for Pre-Approval of Coursework.
    • Please be aware that any incomplete or missing information may cause the form to be rejected, and you will need to complete and submit a new form.

Application Routing Procedures

  1. After you submit your Application for Pre-Approval, the form will then be routed electronically for approvals including: IUP's Transfer Services office, your department chairperson, and an assistant dean for your college.
  2. You will receive notification from about coursework approval once signatures have been completed.
  3. If additional information is required, you will receive e-mail notification.
  4. When your request has been approved, the pre-approval for course work is valid for one calendar year.

You can log in to iforms at any time to view the status of your application review. For more information about how iforms works, visit About iforms.

Final Steps

Once you are finished with your course(s), please have the school you attended send an official transcript to IUP, so we can process your credit. You have two transcript submission options: