An Important Notice About Your Semester Grades

Students obtain their grades electronically at IUP. You will not receive your grades in the mail, but will access them via the web. Important information follows.


All undergraduate and graduate students at IUP.


Obtain your semester grades and/or review your transcript electronically through the web.


You will have more rapid and convenient access to your semester grades and university transcript (unofficial).


Your home, your job, your vacation spot, or anywhere in the world where there is access to the internet.


The following step-by-step procedure will enable you to access your grades.

In the MyIUP portal:

  • Log in to MyIUP and go to Discover. Search for "grades" and select the Grades card. Choose the term on the resulting page.

If you have any questions, contact the Registrar's Office by calling 724-357-2217 or send an email to

Learn about Student Grade Appeals.