The instructional method indicates the way the content of the course will primarily be delivered.

Common (but not all) instructional methods are traditional, online, and blended. Students can search for how a class will be taught by using the “advanced search” option in the registration toolbox.

Instructional Method Definitions:


Traditional means that the class is an in-person course where both students and instructors meet in the classroom for the duration of the semester. There is a potential for the instructor to incorporate (no more than 29%) online instruction or zoom instruction, but much of the class time will be done in-person.


Online means that the majority of the class (and in some cases the entire class) will be conducted “online”. If you see a class that has an instructional method of “Online 100%” this means the class is totally online. If you see an instructional method of “Online 80-99%” this means that there is a requirement to be in-person (on campus) at some point in the semester either for an exam, guest speaker or other learning activity. In some cases, you may see a date and time for an online 100% class. This means that the instructor has designated that the students will need to log-on and participate in class at that time (for example a zoom lecture)


Blended is where the instructor has designed the course to have a sizable part (up to 79%) offered in an online format. Many of these classes will have a blend of in-person and online meetings. The online part of the class may require the students to participate at a specific time which the class will have listed.

How To Select An Instructional Method:

  1. Login to the Registration Toolbox on MyIUP and enter the appropriate registration term.
  2. Select "Advanced Registration."
    advanced search button
  3. The menu will expand to view the Instructional Method field.
    instructional method field
  4. To bring up the list of selections, click inside the field.
    instructional method selections
  5. Select an Instructional Method then select "Search."
    search button
  6. A list of eligible courses will then appear.

Attribute FAQs

I have a course with a RI (Remote Faculty Instruction) attribute; what does that mean?

RI or Remote Faculty Instruction indicates the class will be held online, typically requiring students to log on and attend the class at specific time, but there is also a possibility that students will need to go to campus for a specific lecture, exam, or in-class assignment.

Students should be aware that a class with a RI attribute may require, at some point in the semester, the student to go to the campus. Moreover, if conditions allow, RI classes may revert to normal face-to-face courses at any time during the semester.

I have a course with DE (Distance Education) attribute, what does that mean?

Distance Education attribute allows the students and the instructor to participate in virtual learning. Multiple platforms can be used, such as Zoom and D2L.

Courses with this attribute can either be held at a specific time (requiring students to log on and participate at a given time), or can be open where students are given the ability to log on and participate in class without a designated time. Instructors will inform students of how the course is designed. Students enrolled in DE classes may not be expected to attend in a classroom, but there is a possibility (based on the instructor) that students might need to come to campus for a proctored test or other needs defined by the instructor.

How do I research for specific attributes for classes?

See detailed instructions and a short video for more information.