Orientation FAQ

As you prepare to participate in this year’s orientation program, we hope that the questions and answers below will be of use to you. Please review this page carefully before you call the Office of New Student Orientation. Please share this information with your parents and families.

Please note that all summer 2022 orientations will be one-day, in-person orientations. Refer to the orientation page for the most accurate information, or email orientation-testing@iup.edu with additional questions.

Is there a fee for the program?

Yes. The fee will be included in your fall (for first-year students)/first (for transfers) billing statement. The amount is determined by your admissions category, not by the date of testing or the semester of admission. (The 2022 orientation fees are: First-year student Indiana campus $255; Punxsutawney and Northpointe $155; Transfer $155.) This fee is nonrefundable irrespective of final attendance at IUP, as services have been rendered. There is also a $15 fee for your I-Card.

Why is orientation important?

Our goal is to help you make the transition from high school to college. The more familiar you are with the university's expectations of first-year students, the more likely you are to be successful in your first semester. Orientation provides you and your advisor with information about the appropriate levels of courses in which to enroll for your first semester. We'll introduce you to IUP's academic offerings and to the role and benefits of academic advisors. You will also be introduced to campus life and services.

When is orientation?

First-Year Student Dates​

April 30, 2022 June 23, 2022
June 13, 2022 June 27, 2022
June 15, 2022 June 28, 2022
June 17, 2022 June 29, 2022
June 22, 2022 June 30, 2022

Northpointe Date

July 21, 2022 virtual

Punxsutawney Date

July 21, 2022 virtual

Transfer Dates

May 25, 2022
June 16, 2022

What placement testing do I need to complete prior to attending my orientation program?

All first-year students need to complete the English Guided Self-Placement process and the Math Placement test.

How do I obtain my first-semester schedule?

After you take your placement tests and attend orientation, schedules are created by the Dean's Office of your respective major.

Can I change the date?

January orientation for spring semester: date changes are not possible as each orientation has only one date. (Extreme conflicts should be noted in the comments section of the online enrollment form.)

Spring/summer orientation for fall admits: If you absolutely must change your orientation date, log back in to MyIUP and select Reschedule my orientation date. Please plan to attend on the first selected session you choose.

Is participation required?

Yes, orientation is mandatory for all incoming students. As part of orientation, students will also complete placement testing. The tests are departmentally sanctioned and approved by the IUP Administrative Group and the university's Council of Trustees.

All students must have placement scores on record in order to register for classes. Placement testing is only conducted through new student orientation and should be completed before you attend your orientation.

How am I invited to orientation?

First-year student orientation invitations are sent to your permanent mailing address once we receive your tuition deposit, starting in early spring (for fall semester admits) and early January (for January admits).

Admitted transfer student invitations will be mailed out in early April (for the fall semester) and in early January (for January admits).

Upon receiving your invitation letter, you should log in to MyIUP to enroll for an orientation date of your choice.

After having submitted the online orientation enrollment form, you will receive confirmation of your participation approximately one week prior to your orientation date. Your confirmation letter will include arrival procedures and a campus map from the website.

Will my attendance date affect my chances at registration?

No, although earlier attendance allows for greater choice when selecting options for required courses. Courses have been reserved specifically for the entering freshman class, and these are divided among the Orientation sessions. Like anything else, earlier attendance may allow for greater choice in class availability.

Am I guaranteed the date I chose?

Yes. The date will only appear to you in the drop-down menu on the enrollment form if it is available. If a date doesn't appear, then it is no longer available, and you must choose a date that is listed. (Dates are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.) Group sizes are restricted to allow the best advising and registration possible.

What if no date is compatible with my schedule?

January orientation for spring semester: Date changes are not possible, as each orientation has only one date. (Extreme conflicts should be noted in the comments section of the online enrollment form.)

Spring/summer orientation for fall admits: If you have a legitimate conflict with the orientation dates and your schedule, please contact our office at orientation-testing@iup.edu. (Note: The only way to be advised and register is orientation, and it is best to attend a spring/summer orientation.)

What if I am still in high school or I have to work on the dates assigned?

We will verify your attendance at a mandatory educational event, on our stationery, for your school and/or employer. Please be sure to request this excuse on your enrollment form. The letter will be in your packet at program check-in.

How long is the program?

First-Year Student Orientation

One Day 

Transfer Orientation

One day

Northpointe and Punxsutawney Orientation

One day

Please see the Schedule page for more details.

If you are not able to remain for the entire program on the day that you were assigned, you should reschedule your date. Should you have a conflict but still want to attend your assigned date, indicate that on your enrollment form, and we can provide a written excuse for your high school or an employer on our stationary.

What if I plan to take summer classes (before beginning IUP as a fall admit) or have another commitment?

If you plan to attend IUP's Summer Session I or have a summer-long military obligation, you may attend either of the spring orientation dates. You will receive your test results, be advised, and be eligible to register for both summer and fall classes during these sessions.

Students who plan to take summer courses and are unable to attend orientation prior to class should not schedule math or English courses. You must still attend orientation.

If you plan to attend classes at IUP during Summer Session II only, be sure to attend orientation before Summer II begins.

What if I plan to take winter classes (before beginning at IUP as a January admit)?

Please email orientation-testing@iup.edu. Make sure you have your full name and student ID in the email.

What if I decide to change my major after being admitted?

If you wish to change majors before orientation, you should notify the Office of Admissions by completing the Major Change Request form.

What if my address or phone number have changed?

Notify both the Office of Admissions (admissions-inquiry@iup.edu) and the Office of New Student Orientation (orientation-testing@iup.edu) of the change(s) in writing—also change this information on your MyIUP account.

When contacting the Office of New Student Orientation, what information should I have on hand?

Please email orientaiton-testing@iup.edu if you have any inquiries. Please supply your name and ID number (included in your orientation invitation letter), and admission type (transfer, first-year student). Please note that office hours for orientation questions are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What if I decide not to attend IUP?

We hope that you will change your mind! But if you are unable to attend, please notify the Office of Admissions (Sutton Hall, Room 117, 1011 South Drive, Indiana, PA 15705) in writing (admissions-inquiry@iup.edu) as soon as possible.

How can I be sure that my transfer credits appear on my IUP record before registration?

By having the school from which you are transferring credits send an official copy of your transcript to the Transfer Credit Evaluator in the Office of Admissions (Sutton Hall, Room 117, 1011 South Drive, IUP, Indiana, PA 15705).

(Note to Spring Orientation students: Any transcripts received after your Spring Orientation session will be credited before the fall semester.)

What if I cannot submit a transcript in time for my orientation?

If you have one, bring an unofficial transcript. If not, bring the name of the college and the subject course number with you to Orientation. We will try to determine to which IUP course the course you are taking will equate (as long as you receive a C or better).

You will still take placement tests, but may delay registering for the IUP course equivalent until you get your final official transcript sent to IUP, as you may not need to take the course, if it transfers in.