English Department Guided Self Placement

Guided Self-Placement (GSP) for Writing Courses at IUP

What is the GSP process for Writing Courses at IUP?
IUP offers several writing courses to prepare you for college success. We, the English Department, want to make sure you take the right course, and we think you are the best person to make that decision (along with some guidance from us). To make that decision, we've provided this information sheet to tell you about the process. You'll take a survey, which will help you determine the class that will be the best fit for your experience and abilities. We will also offer guidance through advising sessions if appropriate.

Who participates in Guided Self Placement?
Any student entering IUP must take the GSP Writing Survey. The only exceptions are students whose SAT Verbal score is 600 or above, and students who transfer in the equivalent of English 101 credits from another institution or an AP test.

How do you get started with Guided Self Placement?
A link to the Survey can be found in your HAWKS 100-Getting Ready course. The Survey is not a placement test. It is a 15-minute survey designed to help you decide which composition (writing) course is right for you.

The Guided Self-Placement Survey is divided into two parts. Part one questions relate to your writing process and experiences. Part two questions relate to how comfortable you would feel in one of our typical writing sections.

Answering the questions in both sections will help you:

  • Gain insight into your current reading and writing practices, especially in light of your prior experience with writing.
  • Understand what will be expected of you in IUP's college-level composition course.
  • Decide which composition course is the best fit for you.

What happens after I take the survey?
When you have completed the GSP Survey, you'll automatically be given a recommendation for a course to take. If you agree with the recommendation, you'll be able to register in that course. If you disagree with or are unsure about the recommendation, you'll be offered an opportunity to meet with a writing guide who will help you come to a decision.

Note: Honors College Students only—you do not need to complete the guided self-placement process; your writing is assessed in Core 1.