Students chalking the sidewalk in the Oak Grove, a campus tradition

Friends and family from home are your best resource for support as you begin the transition from high school to college. Stay in touch with them through email, phone calls, and social media. As you meet new people and create lasting friendships here at IUP, don't forget about those from home who still love you and helped you along the way.

Remember to stay in touch with your family. It is easy to call home and talk with your parents about your bad days and unhappy moments, but don't forget to call home with good news or when problems are solved. Parents tend to remember and be stressed by the problems and they need to know you're okay.

Keep in touch with home. Just imagine how your parents feel with your empty bed, an empty inbox, and no text messages. Write and email for any reason; not just when you want money, but also when you want to say hello, wish someone "happy birthday," or say "I miss you." Ask questions about their lives, too!

You have the freedom to become successful in your own life. Remember, it's all up to you.

Checklist of Responsibility

  1. I will contact my parents and or family members on a consistent basis or as agreed upon.
  2. I know, or will learn, how to do my laundry before coming to college.
  3. I have spoken with my parents about financial responsibility and what that means to them, and me.
  4. I have a plan in place for how to organize my time and balance my academic interests with other activities/responsibilities on campus.
  5. My parents and I have discussed drugs and alcohol, presumed to be on college campuses, and I understand the consequences associated with such activity.