Coming to Orientation

Group of students on move-in dayEverything you need to know about participating in your online orientation experience.

Before You Arrive

Students will need to access and complete the HAWKS 100-Getting Ready course, as well as the HAWKS 100-Financial Literacy course. These courses can be found using the following instructions:

  1. Log in to MyIUP.
  2. Click on the D2L link on the Home page of your portal.
  3. Click on the respective courses noted above and review the contents within the courses.

Confirmation of Program Registration

About two days before your selected date, you'll receive an email with a request to confirm your registration for your orientation program. This will allow us to properly prepare your experience.

You will also receive reminders if you have not completed the placement testing at least 72 hours in advance of your program.

Tips for Zoom Meetings-adapted from Dr. Thomas Plante

  1. Be sure to mute your microphone (lower left corner of your screen), if it isn't already muted as you join a meeting.
  2. Consider muting your video (lower left corner of your screen) if you are eating or talking to someone else in the room or anything else that might be distracting to other participants.
  3. Close unneeded applications on your computer to keep the video optimally functioning.
  4. If possible, you may want to use a headset with an external microphone for the best hearing and speaking capabilities.
  5. When you are speaking, let others know that you are finished by saying a sign-off such as: "that's all." "I'm done." "Thank you." This allows others to know you are done with your comments.
  6. If you want to speak, physically raise your hand or use the "raise hand" feature that is available at the bottom center of your screen.
  7. You can ask questions silently if desired by using the "Chat" feature at the bottom of the screen. Please note, the messages will only be sent to the program host.
  8. Be mindful of your background lighting. If you are sitting in front of a window, you may be completely darkened by the light coming through it. Your overhead light also might need to be turned off or dimmed as well.
  9. Try to remove anything that may be visually distracting from your background.
  10. Remember to sign our or "leave the meeting" when your orientation session is finished.
  11. Finally, remember that attire should be appropriate. We can learn some lessons from our news outlets that cameras see more than we think.