Placement testing is an important step in the orientation and registration process. The results will be used to place you in the courses that match your academic plan and needs. You will have access to your placement testing 24 hours after you register for orientation.

Please complete your placement testing as soon as possible after you register for orientation. All placement testing should be completed no later than 72 hours prior to your program.  This video provides an overview of how to access Math and English testing materials.

All students need to complete the proctored math placement test found in the HAWKS 100-Getting Ready course. The use of outside calculators is prohibited. If one is required, the testing software will provide one.

Review the English Department's Guided Self-Placement Process.

Language Placement Tests

Incoming students can take placement exams for French, German, or Spanish. Depending on courses already taken or interest, students can elect to take these tests during orientation. Students who meet the criteria may receive course credit for their Spanish oral proficiency level.

All students who are native language speakers, or have taken at least two years of one of these languages, are encouraged to take a placement exam. In many cases, completing the exams enables a student to proceed to Level 2 or 3 of the language. Sometimes, students place out of the college requirement, freeing those credits to be used toward a minor or second major. For more information about our Foreign Languages major, minor, and certificate programs, visit Foreign Languages.

Equivalency Resources

College Level Exam Placement Exam, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate Equivalency Charts. Also, please see the Transfer Credit Evaluation Tool.