The Harold S. Orendorff Music Library is located in Cogswell Hall at the intersection of Eleventh Street and Oakland Avenue.

The music library is named in honor of Harold S. Orendorff, former chairperson of the Music Department and first dean of the previous College of Fine Arts at IUP. Dr. Orendorff was honored by having the auditorium of Cogswell Hall named after him, which is now part of the space that the music library occupies.

The library features a large commons area with comfortable furniture for private and group study. Our score collection is housed on electronic compact shelving, while our book collection is on standard shelving. Our multimedia pods feature computers, CD players and recorders, cassette players and recorders, and turntables to listen to vinyl recordings. We also have a seminar room for teaching small classes.

The collection contains a broad variety of music materials, with strong holdings in music monuments, collected editions and reference materials, and piano-vocal scores of operas and musical theater. Our collection includes:

  • More than 7,000 volumes of monuments and collected editions
  • 3,000 reference books
  • 12,000 circulating books
  • 30,000 scores
  • 10,000 LP sound recordings
  • 5,000 compact discs

The library also includes the Charles Davis Collection of Jazz and Musical Theatre and the Edward R. Sims Collection of Ethnic Musical Instruments, with instruments representing every continent. Among the more specialized materials are the Albert R. Casavant Research Collection of marching band and drill team materials.