The Libraries’ Access Services department works to ensure that users have convenient access to the library materials, technology, services and spaces they need. This involves a wide variety of activities like keeping the books in order on the shelves, displaying accurate and helpful signage, lending laptops and cameras, planning library spaces, delivering materials to distance learners, and so much more.

Our staff are most visible at the Libraries’ Get It desk where you’ll check out books, equipment, course reserves, and interlibrary loan materials, but we’re also working behind the scenes to make the your experience positive and productive.

Our Access Services team is responsible for the several functional areas listed below:

Circulation Services

Circulation Services is responsible for the checkout and check-in of all circulating library books, media, technology and equipment. Circulation staff also reshelve borrowed materials, maintain the book stacks, work with patrons to understand circulation policies and procedures, check out keys for library classrooms and other spaces, and manage the patron account database.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (also known as "ILL") lets us borrow materials from other libraries on your behalf. Our ILL staff provide fast and convenient access to materials not owned by IUP, but available at libraries in Pennsylvania, across the country, or around the world. Staff spend their time managing reciprocal agreements between libraries, reviewing and filling requests from patrons and other libraries, and delivering the material or making it available for pickup.

Course Reserves

Our Course Reserves department provides access to a collection of materials that IUP faculty have identified as important for students taking particular courses. To ensure all students have free and convenient access to these materials, they are available at the library for students to borrow. Staff work behind the scenes to obtain these materials from faculty or from the shelves, record them appropriately in our system, and process them in and out of the collection.

Space and Signage

We work to understand how physical space is used in the library and provide library spaces that meet a wide variety of user needs. We coordinate the use of different spaces, manage reservations, facilitate access to the spaces, and ensure that spaces and services are accessible to all patrons regardless of mental and physical abilities. In addition, the access services team designs, prints, and posts signage that assists patrons in locating and using the library services, materials, and spaces.


  • Carrie Bishop, Access Services Librarian, 724-357-6206 /
  • Beth Farabaugh, Interlibrary Loan Supervisor, 724-357-3037 /
  • Laura Krulikowski, Circulation Services Supervisor, 724-357-4717 /
  • Bobbie Zapor, Collections Supervisor, 724-357-2095 /
  • Circulation Services Main Desk, 724-357-2340