Whether you need a place for quiet reflection, intensive study, or collaboration with classmates and colleagues, the IUP Libraries has space for you.

The Stapleton-Stabley Library Complex

Two connected buildings form the main IUP Libraries complex: the original Rhodes R. Stabley Library and the newer Patrick Stapleton Library building. Library spaces in both buildings are available for your use. For a more detailed view, click the link in each section below to view the map of that floor. 

Ground Floor

The ground floor of the Stapleton Library building contains our print periodicals (journals, newspapers, and more), microform collections, and plenty of tables, seating, and rooms to support group study.

First Floor

When you visit the library, this is where you start—and it's our busiest floor. On the first floor of the library, you'll find plenty of public computers, our reference collection (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and similar materials), the Information Desk and the Circulation Desk, and the coffee shop. The first floor is a group study area.

Second Floor

The second floor of the Stapleton building contains part of our circulating collection (the books you can check out), administrative offices, and group study rooms, along with plenty of places to set up and study. Here you'll also find the Stapleton 201 dual-monitor computer lab. Most space on this floor is designed for quiet study

Across the skyway in the Stabley building, you'll find our Children's Collection and some library classrooms.  The study area on the second floor of the Stabley building is designed for group study.

Third Floor

The third floor of Stapleton Library holds the remainder of our circulating collection, our Oversized Books collection, and our Special Collections department. The third floor is devoted to quiet study.

Get in the Zone

We offer a variety of learning spaces tuned for different types of work and study.

Group Study Zones and Rooms

Use these areas for group study and collaborative work. Feel free to have conversations in a normal speaking voice – we won’t shush you! Cell phone volume may be on, and audio may be played at a reasonable volume.

Quiet Study Zones

Use these areas for working quietly by yourself or with a study partner. Speak in hushed voices and keep conversations brief. Cell phone volume and other audio may be played quietly.

Silent Study Zones

Use these areas for working silently by yourself. Silence your cell phone, avoid conversations, and use headphones for audio.

Remember: regardless of your study zone, please be respectful of your neighbors and avoid loud or distracting noises.

Group Study Rooms

We have a selection of group study rooms that can be reserved for small group collaboration, studying, and project work. Group study rooms follow the study zone guidelines applicable to their floor or area (see sidebar).

Individual Study Rooms

Individual study rooms, located on the second and third floors of Stapleton Library, are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each room is equipped with a desk, chair, small shelf, and electrical outlets. 

Library Classrooms

Several classroom spaces within the library are available to faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants in support of the teaching mission of the library and the university. Library classrooms can be reserved through the IUP 25Live Scheduler.

Special-Purpose Rooms

Student Break Room in Stapleton G-4Stabley 202 is the Libraries’ Graduate Resource Room. Graduate students are welcome to use the space and the technology to study, research, write, and collaborate. The room offers 20 computer stations, an instructor PC and podium, projection equipment, and a small collection of research and citation guides. The Libraries reserve the right to close the room as needed for instruction.

The IUP Libraries' Muslim Prayer Room is located in Stabley 204. This is a publicly accessible, quiet space designated solely for prayer.

We also have a private Lactation Room where students, employees, or other individuals with a valid I-Card can pump breast milk or breastfeed a baby. The Lactation Room is located in Stabley 209. To use the room, please visit the Circulation Desk on the first floor near the main entrance to request the key. There is no time limit for room use; we simply ask that you be considerate of others who may wish to use the room. When finished, return the key to the Circulation Desk.

For students who have children, the IUP Libraries offers a Children’s Reading Room in the Children’s Collection on the second floor of Stabley. Find time to study by bringing your children here to read and play.

The library also offers a Student Break Room in Stapleton G4 designed to help you survive and thrive during long days on campus. Whether camped out in the library all day or using the library to make pit stops between classes, the student break room is a centrally located, secure spot to store your personal belongings, keep drinks and snacks cold, and warm up meals brought from home. It includes a microwave, refrigerator, kitchenette, lockers, and a coat rack.