The IUP Libraries' Course Reserves services provides access to materials selected by faculty for use in a specific course. Course reserves are housed at the Circulation Desk in Stapleton Library and circulated to students as directed by faculty.

Reserve materials can include books, textbooks, book chapters, journal articles, old exams, professor's notes, and homework solutions necessary for course work.

Books and Media

Original copies of books, media or materials created by the professor can be put on reserve for whatever length of time the professor chooses without violating U.S. Copyright Law.

Photocopied Materials

Copies of materials like journal articles, book chapters, and manuscripts must fall under the Fair Use guidelines of copyright law or have the written permission of the copyright holder before being placed on reserve.

  • It is the responsibility of the faculty member, staff member, and/or graduate assistant making the request to ensure that photocopied items placed on reserve fall under Fair Use. Learn more about the Four Factors of Fair Use.
  • If permission from the copyright holder is granted for use of an item the Library requires a copy of the permission letter or email for our files. We will adhere to the period of reserve use allowed by the copyright holder.
  • Place a photocopy on reserve with the Photocopy Reserve Form.
  • Complete the Reserve Checklist for Fair Use.

Copyright Note

Course reserve materials may be placed on reserve only so long as doing so complies with the copyright policy of the University and the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17).


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