Library Computers, Printing, and Scanning

We offer computers with the connections and capabilities you need in the types of spaces that serve you best. Eighty computers are placed throughout the library to support your group or individual study, in both quiet and collaborative spaces. Printers and scanners are also available at convenient locations throughout the library.

Stapleton Library Computers by Floor

There are public computers located on all floors of the Stapleton Library building.

The ground floor of Stapleton Library has 10 computers arranged for both group and individual use, including an accessible PC near the elevator.

The first floor houses the largest collection of computers in the building. In addition to the 25 computers in the 113 lab, there are 30 computers arranged throughout the first floor for individual and group use. There are also three PCs designated for non-IUP patrons to use without a log-in. Learn more about access to IUP Libraries resources when you're not a student, faculty, or staff member at Community Users.

On the second floor, you'll find a total of 13 computers, including six in the 201 lab. Of the remaining computers, four are located on the back side of the stairs, group study rooms 204 and 205 each have a PC, and an accessible computer is located near the elevator.

The third floor of Stapleton Library offers two computers used primarily for library catalog access. One is wheelchair accessible and is located near the elevator.

Technology Available for Checkout

Need equipment or technology for a project? Need to borrow a computer or device to take home? The library provides laptops, cameras, tripods, projectors, and more that can be checked out using your I-Card. Learn more at Laptops and Equipment.

Printers and Printing

Printers are available throughout the library for printing from library computers or from your own device. You can select from the following printers:

First Floor

  • Stapleton_Library_100_BW for black and white printing
  • Stapleton_Library_100_Color for color printing
  • Stapleton_Library_113_BW for black and white printing (located in the first-floor computer lab)

Second Floor

  • Stabley_Library_200_BW for black and white printing
  • Stapleton_Library_201 for color or black and white printing (located in the Stapleton 201 computer lab)

Ground Floor

  • Stapleton_Library_Ground_Floor_BW for black and white printing

Visit Print Services for Students for more information on printing at IUP.


Scanners are available on Stapleton first floor across from the Circulation Desk and on the ground floor near the Serials Help Desk. Scans can be saved to a USB drive or emailed.

Stapleton Library Dual-Monitor Computer LabComputer Labs

Stapleton 113

This computer lab is one of three University Public Computer Labs on campus. The 25 computers in this lab are available for student use and contain a wide variety of software. The lab PCs will automatically connect to your network drives (H: drive and P: drive) when you log in. Stapleton 113 is a quiet study computer lab.

Stapleton 201

This small computer lab has six computers that each have dual monitors. This space is designed for quiet study.