Manuscript Group (MG) collections represent archival resources donated by individuals, businesses, and organizations associated with the university, Indiana County, and Pennsylvania.

These diverse collections include correspondence, maps, newspaper articles, photographs, publications, scrapbooks, and speeches. Many collections are donated by individuals affiliated with Indiana University of Pennsylvania, including alumni, employees, presidents, and trustees. Manuscript Group Collection finding aids are accessible using the downloadable documents listed below. 

View manuscript groups that can be transcribed or search vertical files. Additional collections donated by alumni can be found in Record Group 53 Memorabilia and Ephemera.

MG # Collection Finding Aid Inclusive Dates Research Interests
MG 1 Effie L. Shields (1888-1921) Collection, Class of 1906 1918-1921 Alumni, World War I, France, Canteen Hostess, Newspapers, Letters, and Memorabilia
MG 2 D. D. Patterson (1886-1966) Memorial Collection 1881-1966 History of Education in Indiana County, Photographs, Catalogs, and Diplomas
MG 3 Eunice McCloskey (1904-1983) Collection 1940s-1983 Artist, Author, Books, and Photographs
MG 4 Elsie Tucker Young (1918-2007) and Harry "Bud" Young (1925-2013) Collection 1930s-2013 Political Memorabilia, Freemasonry, Order of the Eastern Star, Civil War, World War II, Highway Rescue System and IUP Safety Demonstration
MG 5 Dr. George Swetnam (1904-1999) Collection 1944-1967 Journalist, Pennsylvania History, Folklore, Pittsburgh, Industrial Heritage, and Memorabilia
MG 6 State Senator Albert R. Pechan (1902-1969) Collection 1961-1969 State Senator, Board of Trustees, and university status for IUP
MG 7 Fausold Family Collection donated by Dr. Martin Luther Fausold (1921-2008) 1888-2000s Samuel Fausold (ISTC President), Diaries, Ledgers, Scrapbooks, Photographs, Genealogy, and Indiana County History
MG 8 Dr. Ralph E. Heiges (1905-1987) Collection 1936-1969 Social Studies Professor, Dean of Instruction, Acting ISTC President, Speeches, and Publications (see also Record Group 117 Social Studies Program)
MG 9 George L. Sanderson (1843-1908) Collection 1871-1906 Great-Grandson of American Revolution Scout Robert Covenhoven (1755-1846) and letter books of George L. Sanderson
MG 10 Dr. Joseph Michael Uhler (1881-1947) Papers 1928-1964 ISTC President, Education, Publications, Photographs, Scrapbooks, Speeches
MG 11 Dr. Albert J. Wahl (1909-1996) Papers 1933-1953 History Professor, Publications, Holmes Biography, Speeches
MG 12 Martha Oatman McSparrin Collection 1884-1924 School Teacher, Photographs, Certificates, and Autograph Book
MG 13 Ethyl V. Oxley Collection 1920-1970 Home Economics Professor, Newsletters, Photographs, Interview, and Richards House
MG 14 Manuscript Miscellany 1826-1958 Books, Authors, Politicians, and Institutions
MG 15 Clarence Stephenson (1919-2011) Collection 1634-2010s Indiana County Historian, Teacher, County History, Agriculture, Genealogy, Maps, Newspapers, and Marion Center, Pennsylvania
MG 16 Lois Lenski (1893-1974) Collection 1931-1972 Author and Illustrator of Children's Books, Articles, Photographs
MG 17 Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915) Collection 1897-1946 American Celebrity, Author, Religion, and Social Movements
MG 18 United States Congressman John Phillips Saylor (1908-1973) Collection 1945-1978 U.S. House of Representatives, Environmentalism, Memorabilia, U.S. Presidents (FDR, JFK, LBJ, Nixon), Mining, and Scrapbooks
MG 19 Matthew John Walsh (1872-1961) Papers 1854-1984 Education, Dean of Instruction, Acting President, University History, Photographs, and Publications
MG 20 American Association of University Women 1936-1993 Societies, Women, Scrapbooks, Newspapers, and Reports
MG 21 Epsilon Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society 1945-1965 Societies, Education Fraternity, Scrapbooks, Constitutions, Conventions, Meeting Minutes, and Publications
MG 22 Dr. Willis E. Pratt (1906-1992) Collection 1927-1966 IUP President (1948-1968), Education, Diplomas, Awards, Biography, and World War II Scrapbooks
MG 23 John Rankin Sahli (1910-1976) and Betty McClane Sahli (1915-1996) Collection 1873-1967 History Professor, Commercial Retail Catalogs, Sheet Music, and the Underground Railroad Research; see Manuscript Group 58
MG 24 Jane Leonard (1840-1924) Collection 1870-1966 Indiana State Normal School History, Professor, Women's Rights, Eulogy, and Memorabilia
MG 25 Papers of Robert Wilson and Dwight Sollberger 1816-1842 History, English Loyalist, King George, and Land Holdings
MG 26 UFO Club of IUP 1957-1971 Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), Sighting Reports, Publications
MG 27 J. David Truby Collection 1960-2000s Journalism Professor, Politics, Military, CIA, JFK Assassination, Central America, and Publications (see Record Group 112 Journalism and Public Relations)
MG 28 Indiana County Civil and Criminal Dockets 1909-1955 Office of the Magistrate and Justice of the Peace in Indiana County, Pennsylvania (contact the Courthouse)
MG 29 Robert F. Boerstler (1929-1987) Collection 1860s-1970s Alumni, Scrapbooks, Bicentennial and Civil War Memorabilia, and Collectible Pewter Figurines
MG 30 Local History Project: A Collection of Oral Histories 1950-1999 Oral History Interviews of IUP Professors, Staff, Administration, Alumni, and Indiana Residents
MG 31 Air Ship Patent Collection 1844-1903 Inventions of Air Balloons, Flying Machines, and Aerial Navigation Equipment
MG 32 Carrie Belle Parks Norton (1888-1980) Collection 1928-1966 English Teacher, Alumni Publications, Articles, Pennsylvania Curriculum Studies Bulletin, Educational Journals
MG 33 Miscellaneous Ledgers 1821-1948 Indiana Regional Tax, Business, and Personal Ledgers, and Minute Books
MG 34 Workingmen's Education and Social Club of St. Michael's 1926-1973 Societies, including UMWA Local 3648 St. Michael, Club Minutes, and Publications
MG 35 J. Neal Griffith (1904-1994) Autograph Collection 1930s-1970s Autographed celebrity postcards, programs, and photographs
MG 36 Indiana Color Slide Society 1975-1986 Photography, Newspapers, Meeting Minutes, and Competition Entries
MG 37 American Association of University Professors 1963-1974 Education, Bulletins, Meeting Minutes, and Reports about IUP
MG 38 Manuscript Miscellany 1899-1954 World War I, World War II, and Authors
MG 39 Committee to save John Sutton Hall 1975-1983 Historic Preservation of Campus Landmark, Scrapbook, Campus Buildings, Photographs, Correspondence
MG 40 John Brophy (1883-1963) Collection 1930-1960s CIO, AFL-CIO, Coal Mining, Unions, Eulogy, Photographs, and JFK
MG 41 Agnes Sligh Turnbull (1888-1982) Collection, Class of 1910 1910-1987 Alumni, English Teacher, Author, Books, and Notebooks.
MG 42 Central Pennsylvania Coal Producers' Association 1919-1954 Coal Mining, Reports, and Meeting Minutes
MG 43 Leonard Abrams (1927-2013) Collection 1958-1989 Indiana Borough, Borough Council, and Meeting Minutes
MG 44 Records of the Indiana County Central Labor Council 1975-1985 AFL-CIO, Labor, Brochures, Reports, and Photographs
MG 45 Rosae Naugle Jaquish (1865-1962) Collection 1865-1962 Education, Teacher, Autograph Albums, and Tintype Photographs
MG 46 Records of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local 459 1950-1987 IBEW Local Labor Union, Meeting Minutes, Memorabilia, and Souvenirs
MG 47 Patton Clay Manufacturing Company 1898-1902 Labor, Pennsylvania Industry, Commemorative Book, Administrative Papers, and Invoices
MG 48 Indiana County Land Title Abstracts and Deeds 1784-1885 Land Titles, Deeds, and Abstracts for Real Estate in Indiana County, Pennsylvania (contact the Courthouse)
MG 49 Sylvester Garrett (1911-1996) Collection 1949-1990s Labor Arbitration Cases, Labor Law, U. S. Steel, and Business Papers
MG 50 Microfilm Master Collection 1834-1979 Newspapers, public use copies in IUP Libraries Serials Department
MG 51 Rochester and Pittsburgh (R&P) Coal Company Records 1920-1978 Coal Mining, Western Pennsylvania, Coal Culture Exhibit, Labor Unions,  Ledgers, Real Estate, Maps, and Corporate Records; see Manuscript Group 94
MG 52 United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) District 2 1945-1965 Coal Mining, Labor Unions, Negotiation, Work Stoppages, and Black Lung; see Manuscript Group 40
MG 53 John Ghizzoni (1892-1980) Papers 1899-1964 Pennsylvania Coal Mining, UMWA Union, and Labor Leaders
MG 54 Monday Musical Club 1938-1990 Music, Societies, Scrapbooks, and Photographs
MG 55 Publications of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) 1920-1972 Coal Mining, Labor Union, Publications, and Reports
MG 56 Publications Miscellany 1857-1985 War World I, World War II, Popular Magazines, and Publications
MG 57 Alternative and Radical Publications 1970s Politics, Religion, Sociology, Non-Mainstream, Education, and Periodicals
MG 58 Dr. John R. Sahli (1910-1976) Papers 1957-1974 History Professor, Pennsylvania History, Maps, and Bibliographies; see Manuscript Group 23
MG 59 Roy E. Furman (1901-1977) Papers 1955-1959 Politics, Lt. Governor, and Campaign Speeches
MG 60 Indiana Art Association (IAA) Collection 1944-2020s Societies, Art, Yearbooks, Newsletters, Meeting Minutes
MG 61 Gabriel Alexander (1910-2007) Collection 1974-1988 Attorney, Labor Arbitration Cases, Steel Industry, Collective Bargaining, and Corporations
MG 62 United Steel Workers of America (USWA) Local Union 1397 1950-1990 Steel Industry, Mill History, and Labor Union; see Manuscript Group 92
MG 63 Elizabeth Bain (1913-2002) Broadcasting Collection 1959-1989 Broadcasting, Business Women, Societies, Articles, Television, Radio, Media Relations, Publications
MG 64 Civil War Soldier Collection, American Civil War (1861-1865) 1860s Civil War, Pennsylvania, Diaries, Letters, Memoirs, Photographs, Artwork, and Personal Items; see Manuscript Group 136 and Manuscript Group 248
MG 65 Bernice Gera (1931-1992) Collection 1951-1980 First Female Umpire in American Baseball, Women, and Indiana County, Pennsylvania
MG 66 United Mine Workers Of America (UMWA) District 5 1896-1984 Coal Mining, Labor Union, Treasurer's Records, and Administrative Files; see Manuscript Group 181
MG 67 United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) District 3 1896-1984 Coal Mining and Labor Union in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
MG 68 Pittsburgh Chapter of the Coal Mining Institute of America 1974-1988 Societies, Coal Mining, and Administrative Records
MG 69 Patrick Dolan (1858-1910) Collection 1896-1910 President (1896-1906) of Manuscript Group 66 United Mine Workers of American (UMWA) District 5
MG 70 Commemorative Newspapers 1800-2000s Newspapers, Johnstown Floods, IUP, Regional, and National Events
MG 71 Coal Company Payroll Ledgers 1916-1920 Coal Mining, Payroll Records, Central and Western Pennsylvania
MG 72 Governor John S. Fisher (1867-1940) Collection, Class of 1886 1917-1936 Alumni, Trustee, Education, Coal Mining, and 29th Governor of Pennsylvania (1927-1931)
MG 73 University Club of IUP 1975-1978 IUP Societies, Meeting Minutes, Financial Records, and Bylaws
MG 74 America's Industrial Heritage Project (HABS/HAER) 1980-2000s Pennsylvania, Photographs, Maps, History, Industry, and Geology
MG 75 Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission Records 1980-2000s Societies, Historic Districts, National Parks, Meeting Minutes, Photographs, and Southwest Pennsylvania History
MG 76 Folklife Division Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission 1990s Labor Union History, Education, Folk Life, Industry, Oral History Interviews, Photographs, Field Notes, and Cultural and Ethnic History in Pennsylvania
MG 77 United States Bureau of Mines 1919-1983 Coal Mining in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio; Reports, and Publications (Report of the Bureau of Mines, Call Number HD 9547 .P4 A34)
MG 78 Dr. Donald J. Ballas (1930-1992) Collection 1962-1990 IUP Professor, Geography and Regional Planning, Research about Native Americans
MG 79 United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) Local 617 Barnesboro, Pennsylvania 1928-1956 Coal Mining, Labor Union, Meeting Minutes, and Check Weighman sheets in Barnesboro, Pennsylvania; see Manuscript Group 235
MG 80 Records of Kappa Delta Pi, Education Honor Society 1928-1990 Fraternal Societies, Education, Records, and Meeting Minutes
MG 81 Barnes and Tucker Coal Company 1896-1970 Pennsylvania Coal Mining, Reports, Photographs, and Payroll Ledgers
MG 82 Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union 1914-1990 Union, Labor, Publications, Newspapers, and Proceedings
MG 83 Penn Run and Russell Coal Company Employment Records 1934-1937 Pennsylvania Coal Mining and Employment Records
MG 84 Letters of Marion Spencer 1912-1918 Alumni, Professor, Letters, World War I, Events, Religion, Politics, and Fashion
MG 85 Shakespeare Club of Indiana, Pennsylvania 1879-present Literary Society, Meeting Minutes, Photographs, Scrapbooks, and Indiana, Pennsylvania
MG 86 Andrew Surma (1921-1990) Collection 1969-1976 Pennsylvania Coal Mining, Labor Unions, Black Lung Legislation, and Politics
MG 87 Indiana College Club Collection 1918-1980 Societies, Education, Meeting Minutes, and Records
MG 88 Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies (PCSS) Records 1953-present Pennsylvania Societies, Curriculum Planning, Education, Geography, and Conferences
MG 89 Lois V. Anderson (1920-2006) Collection 1900s Children's Literature, Genealogy, and Folk Dance
MG 90 Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Indiana County, Pennsylvania 1965-1993 YMCA, Indiana County, Volunteerism and Community Action Program (CAP) Guide for Indiana, Pennsylvania; see Manuscript Group 122
MG 91 Joan Schrock Phillipi Papers 1978-1990 Pennsylvania Coal Mining, Women, Labor Union, Convention Materials, and Certificates
MG 92 Mike Stout Political History Files 1940-1970s Activism, Labor Unions, Steel Industry, Vietnam, and Publications; see Manuscript Group 62
MG 93 Dr. James Kermit (J.K.) Stoner (1910-1995), Class of 1931 1936-1996 Alumni, Business Professor, World War II, Kiwanis, Freemasonry, and Indiana Gazette
MG 94 Rochester and Pittsburgh (R&P) Coal Company Media Collection 1900-1981

Coal Mining, Western Pennsylvania, Coal Culture Exhibit, Photographs, Interviews, see Manuscript Group 51

MG 95 Ruth Marcus Jewish History Project 1930-1990 Societies (Hadassah), Jewish History, Scrapbooks, and Genealogy
MG 96 John R. Pancella Collection 1949-1953 1953 Sesquicentennial Celebration and Homecoming in Indiana, Pennsylvania
MG 97 Dr. Dale Landon Collection 1883-1972 History Professor, IUP History, Memorabilia, and Scrapbooks
MG 98 Florence Constantino (1900-1995) Collection 1943-1999 Pennsylvania Coal Mining, Strip Mining, Business and Tax Records, and Real Estate
MG 99 William H. Sylvis (1828-1869) Collection 1828-1988 Labor Unions, Societies, Iron Molders, AFL-CIO, and Publications
MG 100 Dr. Myron Joseph (1922-2014) Collection 1964-1996 Industrial Relations, Arbitration Decisions, and Labor Economics
MG 101 Daniel Shively Collection 1808-present Professor, IUP Libraries, U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, Genealogy, Philippines, and Travel
MG 102 Dr. John Merryman Collection 1968-1995 Education Professor, Societies, Articles, IUP History, and Teaching Materials
MG 103 Bernard J. Ganley (1921-1999) Collection 1948-2004 Alumni, Interim President, World War II, Sports, and Coaching
MG 104 Welfare Rights Organization 1972-1975 Welfare, Housing, Health Care, Reports, and Indiana County
MG 105 Dr. John D. Baker Papers 1980s-2010s Mathematics Professor, Lectures, and Presentations
MG 106 Edward Chaszar (1920-2011) Collection 1899-1954 Political Science, Education, Human Rights, Minorities, and Publications
MG 107 George B. Johnson Collection 1966-1995 Pennsylvania Canal Society, Publications, and research about Saltsburg, Pennsylvania
MG 108 Isabella Wilkinson Green (1904-1987) Collection. Class of 1927 1920s-2010s Alumni and Teacher, Memorabilia, Home Economics Department, see also the Allenwood Restaurant 
MG 109 Dr. Kevin Eisensmith Collection 1970s-2020s Trumpet Professor at IUP, Department of Music, performances and recordings, see Record Group 33
MG 110 Dr. Raymona Hull (1907-1997) Collection 1948-1997 English Professor, Literature, Scrapbook, and Newspapers
MG 111 L. Blaine Grube (1917-2010) Collection 1898-1984 Rochester & Pittsburgh (R&P) Employee, see Manuscript Group 51 and Manuscript Group 94, Reynoldsville and Fall Creek Railroad, Financial Records, and Coal Mining
MG 112 Wilmore Real Estate Company 1890-1960s Pennsylvania Coal Mining, Real Estate, and Tax Records for Employee Housing
MG 113 Rosaly DeMaios Roffman Collection 1950-present English Professor, Myth Center, Poetry, Publications, Research, and M.C. Richards and George Orwell
MG 114 Ruby Maxwell (1891-1999) Collection 1899-1954 Alumni, Education, College Catalogs, Memorabilia, and Lessons Plans
MG 115 Dr. John F. Kadlubowski (1932-1999) Collection 1932-1999 History Professor, APSCUF, and Collective Bargaining Agreements
MG 116 Dr. Irwin Marcus (1935-2016) Collection 1890s-2010s History Professor, Coal Mining, Labor Union History, Social Justice, Lectures, and Publications
MG 117 Lott Family Collection 1930s-1970s Susan Lott Maul (Class of 1970), and parents Evelyn Koontz Lott (editor of student newspaper) and P.D. Lott (Class of 1937) see also Record Group 21
MG 118 Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) 1950-present Societies, Foreign Languages, Publications, and Education
MG 119 Society for Pennsylvania Archeology 1920-present Societies, Archeology, Native Americans, Files, and Publications
MG 120 Dr. Robert Alico Collection 1975-1999 Natural Sciences Professor, Research, Diseases, and Bacteria
MG 121 Dr. Thomas D. Goodrich Collection 1930s-1990s History Professor, APSCUF, Travel Abroad, and Correspondence
MG 122 William Lafranchi (1926-2020) Collection 1953-2020 IUP Libraries, YMCA Big Brother/Big Sister, Volunteerism, Travel (see Manuscript Group 90)
MG 123 Dr. Charles McCollester Broadside Collection 1960-1970 Professor, Labor Relations, Social Movements, Radicalism, Posters, and Publications
MG 124 Joseph Hajdu (1911-1985) and Martha Elizabeth Somerville Hajdu (1914-2000) Collection 1931-1933 Cresson TB Sanatorium, and High School Yearbooks and Photographs from Ebensburg and Cambria, Pennsylvania
MG 125 United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) District 4 1940-1990s Coal Mining, Files, Grievances, Black Lung, Labor Union, Financial Records, and Publications
MG 126 Eli Rock (1915-2000) Collection 1940-1999 Labor Arbitration Cases, World War II, and Collective Bargaining
MG 127 Dr. Mildred Allen Beik (1943-2023) Collection 1880s-2010s Coal Mining, Strikes, Labor Unions, Immigration, National Slavonic Society, Interviews, and Windber, Pennsylvania
MG 128 Beulah Johns Brennen (1908-2004) Collection 1897-1997 Women in World War II, U. S. Army, Nursing, Diary, Memorabilia, Genealogy, Scrapbook
MG 129 Elinor Gordon Blair (1913-2015) Collection 1880-2010s ISNS, Photographs, Travel, Publications, Societies
MG 130 Logan R. Moorhead (1921-2017) Collection 1500s-2010s Genealogy, Civil War, Maps, Postcards, Indiana County History
MG 131 Dr. Larry Kroah and Ed Colker Collection 1862-present U. S. President Abraham Lincoln, Folios printed by Ed Colker, Exhibit Catalog, Maps, and the IUP Libraries
MG 132 Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad Company Collection 1920-1990s Railroads, Pennsylvania Coal Mining, Employment, Real Estate, Tax, Labor, Reports, and Injuries
MG 133 Milton Bancroft (1866-1947) Collection 1886-2010s Artist, 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, World War I, YMCA
MG 134 Louise Bem Collection 1950-1980s IUP University Status in 1965, Research, and Interviews
MG 135 Newman Center Collection 1968-1997 Religious Life, Roman Catholic Societies (St. Jerome Guild)
MG 136 Dr. Earl Joseph Hunt (1928-2008) and Ann Salinger Hunt's Abraham Lincoln Collection 1860-2000s U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Memorabilia, and the American Civil War (see Manuscript Group 64)
MG 137 Dr. Maher Shawer Collection 1950-present Mathematics Professor, Rosetta Stone, Middle East, World Map, Egyptology, and Islamic Culture
MG 138 McKeage Lumber Collection 1900-1940s Lumber Industry, Employment, and Financial Records
MG 139 Chris Reese & Denise Weber's Coal Mining Collection 1900s-present Coal Mining, Eliza Furnace, interviews, and the company towns of Clanghorn, Dilltown, Vintondale, and Wehrum, Pennsylvania
MG 140 Eastern Orthodox Foundation 1966-2006 Religious Societies, Celebrations, Photographs, and Homeless Shelter
MG 141 Oscar W. Nestor (1889-1972) Collection 1907-1979 Pennsylvania Coal Mining, Company Store, Western Pennsylvania, Interviews
MG 142 Dr. Larry Kruckman Collection of Mascot Research 1980-1990s Research about the Mascots at IUP and Native Americans
MG 143 Dr. Ronald Juliette Collection of Indiana Photographers 1900s-2000 Journalism Professor, IUP History, research about photographers in Indiana County, Pennsylvania; see Record Group 112
MG 144 Dr. Patricia Hilliard Robertson (1963-2001) Collection 1985-2004 Alumni, Astronaut, NASA Mission Specialist, Tributes, Media Releases
MG 145 Dr. Cecil Thomas Ault Collection 1920s-1950s Theater Professor, Popular Culture, Publications
MG 146 Dr. John W. Larner, Jr., Collection 1950-1990s History Professor, Teaching Materials, and Publications
MG 147 New Century Club Papers 1901-2000s Club was organized in 1901, bylaws and meeting minutes
MG 148 C. A. Hughes & Company 1900s-2000s Coal Mining, Ledgers, Maps, Photographs, Cambria County
MG 149 Oral History Interview Projects of the Women at IUP 1978-present Women's Advisory Council, Women's Studies, President's Commission on the Status of Women
MG 150 International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) 1950s-1990s ILGWU was founded in 1900. Collection includes Labor Union memorabilia and publications.
MG 151 Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) Chapter C 1926-present Founded in Indiana, Pennsylvania in 1926, the collection includes meeting minutes, photographs, and scrapbooks.
MG 152 World Religions Course Assignment about 9/11 2001-2002 Religious Studies Professor Dr. James Gibson asked students to write about the 2001 terrorist attacks; see Record Group 139, visit Philosophy and Religious Studies
MG 153 Wilbur Coffman (1902-1982) Photograph Collection 1920-1979 Newspaper and Studio Photographer who lived in Indiana, Pennsylvania
MG 154 Louisa Lintner Coleman (1899-1992) Family Papers 1888-1984 Women's Diaries from a family in Blairsville, Pennsylvania
MG 155 Coach Charles Klausing (1925-2018) and Simmons Family Collection 1964-1970 IUP Football Coach Charles Klausing scrapbooks, Genealogy, Civil War and World War II memorabilia
MG 156 Ellen and MG Rodney Ruddock Collection 1941-present Alumni, Indiana County careers and education, Major General in the United States Army Reserves
MG 157 Dr. W. Barkley Butler Papers 1967-2010 Biology Professor, Courses, and Department Program Evaluation
MG 158 State Senator Patrick J. Stapleton, Jr. (1924-2001) Collection, Class of 1950 1940-2001 Alumni, State Senator, Council of Trustees, IUP Libraries
MG 159 Jesse Wiggins Pritchard (1883-1960) Collection 1889-1936 Pennsylvania Railroad Employee (1903-1957), Scrapbooks of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company (1889-1891) and the 1936 Flood in Pittsburgh
MG 160 Dr. Ruth Shirey (1942-2015) Memorial Collection 1970-2010s Alumni, Geography and Regional Planning Professor, Awards (see Record Group 106)
MG 161 Boy Scout Troop 1011 of Indiana, Pennsylvania 1972-2010s Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Awards, Photographs, and Scrapbooks
MG 162 Dr. C. Ruth Anderson (1921-2013) Papers 1910s-2010s Home Economics Professor; see Record Group 31
MG 163 Fernand Fisel (1924-2010) Memorial Collection 1939-2010 Jewish Holocaust Survivor, World War Two, and French Professor at IUP
MG 164 John Busovicki Collection 1941-1948 Alumni, Mathematics Professor, Indiana County Historian, Coal Mining, and Clymer, Pennsylvania
MG 165 Ingleside Society of Indiana, Pennsylvania 1882-present Literary Society meetings, membership information, and photographs
MG 166 Dr. Donald S. McPherson Collection 1967-2010s Alumni, Professor in Employment and Labor Relations, and Labor Arbitration Cases
MG 167 Elayne Musial Busovicki Collection 1890s-2010s Alumni, Polish Heritage, Monessen Valley, Western Pennsylvania
MG 168 Samuel Richard Loboda (1916-1978) Collection, Class of 1936 1936-1978 Alumni and U. S. Army Band Leader memorabilia
MG 169 Theodore Spewock Collection 1960-2010s Pennsylvania Coal Mining and Coal Miner in Westmoreland County
MG 170 Warren Allen (1946-1970) Memorial Collection, Class of 1968 1967-1968 Alumni, Films of Music Department; see Manuscript Group 171 The Folkmen Collection and IUP Swing Out Productions in Record Group 68 IUP College of Fine Arts
 MG 171 The Folkmen Collection 1960s-2010s Folk Music Band, Alumni, awards, scrapbooks, photographs; see Manuscript Group 170
MG 172 Nancy and Steven Zellman Collection 1939-1983 Alumni, Indiana, Jimmy Stewart, advertising, and newspapers; see Manuscript Group 200
MG 173 Glass Companies of Indiana, Pennsylvania 1892-1931 Glassware made in Indiana, Pennsylvania, including the Northwood, Dugan, and Diamond Glass Companies
MG 174 Anderson Family Collection 1911-1980 Alumni, Indiana Teacher Institute, Publications, and Football Programs
MG 175 Dr. Louis Sutton Collection 1934-1984 Alumni, Reunions, and IUP Cross Country and Track & Field Coach
MG 176 Dr. James Dougherty Collection 1983-present Alumni, Sociology Professor, Western Pennsylvania History, Coal Mining, Labor Unions, and Steel Industry
MG 177 Paul R. Hicks (1931-1985) Memorial Collection 1959-2009 Professor, IUP Libraries, Charles Darwin, Darwinism, Endowment Fund
MG 178 Pages from the Past 2112 BC to 1909 Assembled folios of original leaves from rare books and manuscripts
MG 179 Indiana County Office of Planning and Development 2012-2014 Indiana County, zoning, natural gas, residential planning, resource development, and strategic planning
MG 180 Edward Abbey (1927-1989) Collection 1946-1997 Author, college student writing, interviews, and commentaries
MG 181 Dr. Carl Rahkonen Collection 1940s-2020s IUP Music Librarian, Folk Music Research, and Audio/Visual Recordings, see also Record Group 33 and Record Group 60
MG 182 Photographic Slides of Pennsylvania History 1960s-1970s Slides of Pennsylvania History, Culture, Transportation, and Industry
MG 183 Ella Jaquish Seanor (1895-1985) Collection 1914-1972 Alumni, ISNS, notebooks, photographs; see Manuscript Group 45 and Record Group 53 Box 5
MG 184 Ida Mutzig Kiner Collection 1890s Alumni, ISNS, notebooks; see Record Group 53 Box 3
MG 185 Francis Owen Lamberson (1906-2000) and Louise Stump Lamberson (1912-2001) Collection 1925-2004 Alumni, postcards, song book, memorabilia, Indiana High School, yearbooks, ISTC pillow, endowment; see Record Group 53 Box 43
MG 186 Anita Malone Shaffer Collection, Class of 1954 1923-1990 Alumni, ISNS, ISTC, photographs, publications, scrapbooks; see Record Group 53 Boxes 27-28
MG 187 Dorothy Ramale Collection, Class of 1943 1939-1998 Alumni, ISTC, newspapers, publications, correspondence; see Record Group 53 Box 29
MG 188 Larry Buckwalter Collection, Class of 1968 1964-1968 Alumni, ISNS and ISTC publications; see Record Group 53 Box 30
MG 189 Gary Beuke Collection, Class of 1969 1965-2000s Alumni Association, Newman Center, Photographs; see Record Group 53 Box 36
MG 190 Edna Lee Sprowls (1879-1958) Collection 1898-1928 Sprowls Hall, Diplomas, advisor to Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority; see Record Group 53 Box 39
MG 191 James C. Spera Collection, Class of 1979 1975-1979 Alumni, student performances, scrapbooks, Commencement; see Record Group 53 Box 42
MG 192 Eugene Seelye Collection, Class of 1956 1952-1956 Alumni, Publications, Postcards, Photographs, Commencement; see Record Group 53 Box 45
MG 193 Ruth Graham Werner Collection 1933-1937 Alumni, ISTC, Scrapbooks; see Record Group 53 Boxes 20-22
MG 194 Mary George Collection 1930s Alumni, School Teacher in Whiskey Run, Pennsylvania; see Record Group 53 Box 23
MG 195 Richard Reed Houk and Sarah Startzell Houk Collection 1939-2002 Alumni, ISTC, Memorabilia, Football Games, Band Publications; see Record Group 53 Box 24
MG 196 Peggy McHenry Collection 1907-1956 Alumni, Publications, Indiana High School; see Record Group 53 Box 26
MG 197 Dr. Walter Glenn Patterson (1906-1998) Collection, Class of 1927 1900s-1998 Alumni, ISNS, Pennsylvania Coal Mining, Penn Relay Team, see 1925 Oak Yearbook, ISNS Track and Football Teams; see Record Group 53 Box 37
MG 198 Mary Shelinski Collection, Class of 1975 1968-1975 Alumni, Publications; see Record Group 53 Box 37
MG 199 Paul and Jean Robinson Costo Collection, Class of 1960 1926-1960 Alumni, Memorabilia including Freshman Dink; see Record Group 53 Box 37
MG 200 Actor James Stewart (1908-1997) Collection 1915-1983 American actor, student at ISNS Model School in Wilson Hall, Honorary Degree, Convocation, autographs, Jimmy Stewart Museum
MG 201 Marilyn Proffitt Whiteside (1924-2009) Collection, Class of 1946 1939-1996 Alumni, ISTC, Alumni Reunion, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority; see Record Group 53 Box 37
MG 202 Patrick Burns and Bernard Burns Collection 1979-1984 Alumni, IUP, Football and Basketball Programs and Memorabilia; see Record Group 53 Box 46
MG 203 Lucius Waterman Robinson, Sr. (1855-1935) Family Photograph Collection 1880-1947 L. W. Robinson, Sr., President of Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal Company (R&P) see Manuscript Group 51 and Manuscript Group 94, coal mining, and horse farming
MG 204 Journalist Nellie Bly (1864-1922) Collection 1864-1922 Elizabeth Jane Cochrane, ISNS, Journalism, Armstrong County, Travel, Industrialist
MG 205 Dr. Orval Kipp (1904-1995) Collection, Art Department Faculty 1922-1995 Artist and Professor, Art Department Chair, Correspondence, Photographs; for more information, visit the IUP Department of Art and Design - IUP
MG 206 Dr. Edward Nardi Collection 1974-2015 Files, Photographs, Dean's Office, Record Group 17 College of Education and Educational Technology
MG 207 Isolde A. Henninger (1905-1984) Collection, IUP Department of Foreign Languages 1930s-1980s Professor of Spanish and German, IUP Unions; see Manuscript Group 37 AAUPRecord Group 49 APSUCF), Record Group 59 Phi Beta Kappa at IUP), and Record Group 113 IUP Department of Foreign Languages
MG 208 Dr. Charles Jackson Potter (1908-1990) Collection 1948-1988 President of Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal Company (see Manuscript Group 51 and Manuscript Group 94); and see Record Group 3 IUP Council of Trustees
MG 209 Helene Smith Collection 1935-2015 Western Pennsylvania History, Westmoreland County, Hanna's Town, MacDonald-Sward Publishing; see Manuscript Group 5 Dr. George Swetnam
MG 210 Collection of Gail Willard Pringle (1897-1981) and Ruth Foster Pringle (1899-1977), Class of 1919 1913-1981 Alumni, ISNS Class of 1919, Teaching in Rocky Grove and Meadville, Pennsylvania, Wedding Dress, Memorabilia, and Freemasonry
MG 211 Business & Professional Women's Club of Indiana (BPW)
1940-Present Meeting Minutes, History, and Membership
MG 212 Gatti Family Collection 1859-1966 Indiana County, Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal Company, see Manuscript Group 51 and Manuscript Group 94
MG 213 Neff Family Collection 1926-1970 Music Department, Monday Musical Club, see Manuscript Group 54, and Piano Recitals
MG 214 Cogswell Family Papers 1852-2015 Music Department, see Record Group 33, Hamlin and Dorothy Cogswell, and Eda Cogswell Otis.
MG 215 Indiana County Branches of the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad 1910s-1980s Pennsylvania Coal Culture, Boroughs in Indiana County, Maps, and Railroads
MG 216 Mildred Irene Bottorf Jones (1916-1992), Class of 1975 1930s-1970s Alumni, ISTC 1936 Certificate and IUP 1975 BSED, and Teacher in Pennsylvania and Virginia
MG 217 Mark "Arlo" LaRocca (1955-2013) Memorial Collection, Class of 1976 1974-1976 Alumni, BS Journalism, IUP Centennial, Posters, Graphic Designer, Consultant and the LaRocca Group
MG 218 Timothy Rupert, Class of 1968 1775-1851 Pennsylvania Land Grant Deeds for Westmoreland and Indiana Counties
MG 219 Pollution Solution, Inc. 1971-1981 Indiana County Recycling Center
MG 220 Building formerly known as the Pizza House 1940s-1970s Historic Building and Barclay Restaurant at 990 Oakland Avenue, Indiana, Pennsylvania
MG 221 Pennsylvania English 1980s-present Journal of the Pennsylvania College English Association
MG 222 Dr. Dorothy C. Vogel (1939-2016) Collection 1969-2002 IUP History Professor and Women's History
MG 223 Vertical Files 1700s-present Subject Files and Western Pennsylvania History
MG 224 Ida Tarbell (1857-1944) Collection 1900s-2020s Investigative Journalism and Muckraking
MG 225 PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning 1992-present Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education (PAACE) see Record Group 17
MG 226 Sonya Stewart Collection
1960-2000s African American History in Indiana County including oral history interviews
MG 227 September 11, 2001 (9/11) Memorial Collection 2001-present Memorabilia, photographs, and publications associated with memorial programs
MG 228 Dr. Nancy Newkerk (1928-2017) Collection 1900s-2010s Student Affairs, IUP History, and photographs
MG 229 Dr. Barbara Balsiger (1927-2011) Collection 1950s-1990s University Museum, see Record Group 134
MG 230

Ronald Kuzemchak Collection

1900s-present Alumni, IUP History, and the history of Heilwood, Pennsylvania
MG 231 Appalachian Professional Language Educators' Society (APPLES)
1980s-present Executive Board meetings, festivals, and foreign language events hosted by IUP; see Record Group 113 IUP Department of Foreign Languages; for more information, visit APPLES COLLABORATIVE
MG 232 Dr. Patrick Mikesell Collection 1950s-1970s Alumni, Keith Laboratory School, see Record Group 19 University School, Biology Professor at Radford University (Virginia)
MG 233 Pennsylvania Archaeological Council (PAC) 1970s-present Pennsylvania archaeology and research files about archaeological sites in the state; see Record Group 120 IUP Department of Anthropology
MG 234 Maria Dietz Royal Memorabilia Collection 1890s-2010s Popular culture and memorabilia associated with the British Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth II
MG 235 Barnesboro Justice of the Peace Collection 1906-1940 Ledgers from the Justice of the Peace in Barnesboro, Pennsylvania; see Manuscript Group 79
MG 236 Malcolm Cowley Collection 1898-1994 Author, literary critic, IUP Honorary Degree, Native of Belsano, Cambria County, Pennsylvania
MG 237 Indiana Cares Campaign (ICC) to End Homophobia Collection 2003-2017 LGBT Film Festival in Indiana, Pennsylvania
MG 238 Indiana Garden Club 1960s-present Garden Club of Indiana, Pennsylvania
MG 239 Michael Hood Collection Drama Performance 1890s-1980s Dean of the IUP College of Fine Arts (1998-2018), see Record Group 68, publications about William Shakespeare performances and costume design
MG 240 Fred Rogers Collection 1968-2001 Native of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, television, Fred Rogers Center at Saint Vincent College
MG 241 L'dor v' Dor: The Leidman, Golub, and Shapo Family Collection 1930s-present Performances and reviews, and the professional papers of Dr. Mary Beth Leidman (Communications Media)
MG 242 League of Women Voters of Indiana County (LWVIC) 1974-present Women's Suffrage, Voting Campaigns, Indiana County, Scrapbooks, Photographs, and Newsletters
MG 243 Abraham Lenhart Family Collection 1784-1928 Family correspondence, legal and real estate documents and genealogy from Indiana County
MG 244 Mine Inspectors' Institute of America (MIIA) Collection 1960s-1980s Conference proceedings and institute records
MG 245 Pennsylvania Economic Association (PEA) Collection 1980s-present Conference proceedings and association records
MG 246 Jeannette Glass Company 1920s-1960s Glassware made in Jeannette, Pennsylvania
MG 247 Oakland Cemetery Records 1840s-present Lot Records; Cemetery on Oakland Avenue in Indiana, Pennsylvania; visit Oakland Cemetery 
MG 248 Civil War Microfilm Collection American Civil War (1861-1865) 1861-1865 Microfilm of Pennsylvania Regiment Records (see also Mansucript Group 64: Civil War Soldier Collection)
MG 249 Dr. Charles Cashdollar Collection 1960s-present IUP History Professor, see Record Group 122
MG 250 Dr. Daniel DiCicco (1926-2009) Collection 1950s-2009 IUP Music Professor, Conductor of University Bands, see Record Group 33 IUP Department of Music
MG 251 Dr. Ray Winstead Collection (see also Record Group 4) 2007-2008 IUP Biology Professor (1976-2013) collection includes construction photographs of the IUP Northern Suites
MG 252 James Watta Industrial Heritage and Labor History Collection 1900s-present Documentation about IUP Buildings and Grounds, Industrial Heritage Sites, and American Labor History
MG 253 Fritsky and Schwartz Family Collection  1900s-1960s Documents in Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian from the Fritsky family who emigrated from Poland; and World War I documents of Alfred A. Schwartz (1894-1970).
MG 254 Harry Yakimovich (1921-1999) Collection 1922-1999 Mine Safety and the Rochester & Pittsburgh (R&P) Coal Company (see also Manuscript Group 51)
MG 255 Parker Family Collection 1800s-present African American family including abolitionist John P. Parker (1827-1900) who was enslaved, and his daughter Bianca Parker (1874-1930) who attended ISNS in 1892-1893
MG 256 Anthony Lenzi (1931-2002) Collection 1950s-2003 Alumni, Lieutnant Colonel Anthony Lenzi graduated from ISTC in 1954, served in the United States Army until 1979, was Chairman of the IUP ROTC Program (Record Group 34), and first executive director of the Foundation for IUP (Record Group 66).