Wellness Works

  • Wellness Works is a campus wellness program for faculty and staff members. The mission of the Wellness Works program is to help IUP employees and their families improve their quality of life by providing information on health and wellness and by sponsoring health and wellness activities and programs.

    Wellness Opportunities

    Heart Disease Prevention Workshops

    We all know someone affected by heart disease and stroke. According to the American Heart Association, thousands of Americans die each day of cardiovascular disease. We can make a difference by the lifestyle choices we make. 

    Two sessions have been set up for IUP employees to find out more information on how to make lifestyle changes (no registration required for either date):

    “Ask a Nurse”

    • February 7
    • Conemaugh Room in the HUB
    • 12:00–2:00 p.m.

    Employees can bring any health-related questions to the session. Examples may include: questions related to their medications, illnesses/diseases (for example diabetes, hypertension, etc.), and treatments. Employees will also have the opportunity to meet individually with the graduate students (RNs).

    “Focus on Heart Disease Awareness/Prevention”

    • February 13 
    • Susquehanna Room in the HUB
    • 12:00–2:00 p.m.

    Graduate students will complete assessments/screenings, including: risk for heart disease assessment, depression, stress, and blood pressure screenings. We will also incorporate social media opportunities to provide additional teaching related to heart disease prevention.

      Opportunities for Receiving Flu Shots

      Flu shots will be administered by Gatti and Rite Aid pharmacies on the IUP campus on September 13, 2018, 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. at the Memorial Field House, Auxiliary Gym (side entrance by Zink parking lot). Another flu shot clinic is scheduled on campus for October 16—more details to follow. 

      A higher flu shot dose is available for those over age 65.

      Faculty, Managers, Coaches, OPEIU, and SPFPA employees and their covered dependents ages nine and older enrolled in Highmark PPO can receive a free flu vaccine from either pharmacy by presenting their health insurance ID card. For UPMC HMO members, free flu shots are available at the clinic from Rite Aid by submitting your health insurance ID card. If you choose Gatti, you will be required to pay at the time the shot is given and then submit a reimbursement form to UPMC.

      AFSCME, SCUPA, and PSSU employees and their covered dependents ages nine and older enrolled in a PEBTF health plan, both PPOs and all HMOs, can receive a free flu vaccine by presenting their CVS/Caremark prescription drug card or their health insurance ID card. 
      Please bring both cards.

      Those not covered by a Pennsylvania State System or PEBTF health plan can also receive a flu shot at the clinic by either pharmacy. Shots are subject to a vaccination fee (paying by check is preferred at the time the vaccine is administered). Receipts are available upon request from the pharmacy.

      In an effort to minimize your wait time, you are encouraged to attend the clinic according to the following schedule:

      Rite Aid
      First Letter of Last Name
      Recommended Time to Attend Flu Shot Clinic 
      A-C 9:00–10:00 a.m.
      1:00–11:00 a.m.
      11:00 a.m.–Noon
      Noon–1:00 p.m.
      First Letter of Last Name
      Recommended Time to Attend Flu Shot Clinic 
      9:00–10:00 a.m.


      10:00–11:00 a.m.
      11:00 a.m.–Noon

      This is not a mandatory schedule; so, if you have a need to go to the other pharmacy from where your name falls on the schedule provided, please feel free to do so. This schedule is to try to keep the clinic organized.

      If you are planning on attending the clinic here on campus, both pharmacies require the  screening questionnaire/consent form. Please print the correct form for the appropriate pharmacy and take it with you on the day of the clinic.

      All Highmark members (who are age nine and older) can obtain a free flu shot at any Rite Aid, Giant Eagle, Gatti, or CVS pharmacy in Pennsylvania. No appointment is necessary—the member must present their Highmark health insurance ID card.

      Highmark members of all ages can obtain a free flu shot from their physician; however, an office visit copayment may apply.

      HMO members can also obtain a flu shot at their primary care provider’s office (office visit copayment may apply). Flu shots may also be obtained at any pharmacy or clinic that accepts HMO insurance; or, if the pharmacy/clinic is nonparticipating, a claim form for reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses may be submitted, a claim form is attached, and receipts are available upon request from the pharmacy.

      More Information on the 2018–19 influenza vaccine is available on the CDC website.

      PEBTF Know Your Numbers:

      Employees only. Spouses/domestic partners are not required to complete a wellness screening this year.

      Employees enrolled in PEBTF medical, prescription drug, and/or supplemental benefits must complete a wellness screening to be considered participating in the Get Healthy Program for July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020.

      There are three ways to obtain your wellness screening:

      • Onsite screening at select commonwealth worksites
      • Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center
      • Your doctor’s office (more information on this option may be found at PEBTF.Org)

      Don’t delay. Complete a Wellness Screening before December 31, 2018.

      If you have any questions about the Get Healthy Program, contact the PEBTF’s Get Healthy unit at 717-561-4750 or 800-522-7279, Active Member prompt 4, Get Healthy prompt 1.

      PNC Upcoming Seminars on Campus 

      Financial Wellness: 


      Contact Michael Tonti, Workplace Banking BDO: 724-225-6658; Michael.tonti@pnc.com

      Reminder for faculty, managers, nurses, coaches, and police: Completion of a financial wellness activity (e.g., will preparation, financial plan, budget plan) can count towards points for your Healthy U.

      Healthy U

      Faculty, managers, SPFPA, OPEIU, and coaches and their covered spouse/same-sex domestic partner who are enrolled in the Highmark PPO plan can also earn Healthy U Points through participation in certain campus and community wellness programs. Follow this link for information on the Healthy U program.

      Highmark Blue Shield recently announced a new partnership with Sharecare, which will be replacing WebMD as their wellness rewards partner. As a result of this upcoming transition, Healthy U will have a delayed start date of January 1, 2019.
      Important: Due to the transition to Sharecare, you will not be able to log any Healthy U activities in the Highmark Blue Shield website during the period of July 1, 2018, to January 1, 2019. During the coming months, watch your university e-mail for details on Healthy U and the upcoming transition to Sharecare. Learn more about Sharecare.

      Faculty and staff members are encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources, 724-357-2431, with information on any wellness opportunities on campus or in the community.

      Highmark Blue Shield recently announced a new partnership with Sharecare, which will replace WebMD as their wellness rewards partner. For more information please see Highmark’s News Release.

      Campus/Community Health and Wellness Resources: