Annual Leave

Used for vacations...


Personal Leave

Effective with the beginning of the 2017 Leave Calendar Year on January 7, 2017, AFSCME employees will no longer earn paid personal leave. In lieu of paid personal leave, the accrual rates for annual leave will increase.

Sick Leave

Sick/Bereavement Leave

Used for employee's or family member's illness or injury with or without FMLA protection.


Parental Leave

Used for childbirth, adoption or fostercare placement.


Military Leave

Used for active duty, basic training, tours of duty, military conferences and other military duties.


Civil Leave

Used for subpoenaed court appearances and other civil duties.

Paid Holidays

Paid Holidays

University closures in accordance with collective bargaining units.

Leave Donation

Leave Donation

Used for employees to donate leave to other employees for a catastrophic illness/injury.