Annual Leave: sun icon

Annual Leave

Used for vacations...

Personal Leave: happy face icon

Personal Leave

Used for unscheduled absence of a non-medical emergency nature

Sick Leave: bandage icon

Sick/Bereavement Leave

Used for employee's or family member's illness or injury with or without FMLA protection.

Parental Leave: pacifier icon

Parental Leave

Used for childbirth, adoption or fostercare placement.

Military Leave: dog tag icon

Military Leave

Used for active duty, basic training, tours of duty, military conferences and other military duties.

Civil Leave: gavel icon

Civil Leave

Used for subpoenaed court appearances and other civil duties.

Paid Holidays: calendar icon

Paid Holidays

University closures in accordance with collective bargaining units.

Leave Donation: present icon

Leave Donation/Faculty Sick Leave Bank

For employees to contribute leave to be used for a catastrophic illness/injury.

Sabbatical Leave> brain gear icon

Sabbatical Leave

Handled by Division of Academic Affairs. Clicking here will redirect you to a non-HR webpage.