Why would I use Annual Leave?

Annual leave is to be used for absences for vacation purposes. Annual leave shall be granted subject to management's responsibility to maintain efficient operations. The leave calendar year is defined as the first full pay period in January through the pay period that includes December 31.

How is annual leave earned/accrued?
Years of Service (YOS) Rate Days per year Hours per year
Up to 1 YOS 4% 10.4 78
Over 1-15 YOS 6% 15.6 117
Over 15-25 YOS 8% 20.8 156
Over 25 YOS 10% 26 195

Employees will begin earning after thirty (30) calendar days of service.

Employees shall be credited with a year of service for each twenty-six (26) pay periods completed in an active pay status.

How do I request and use annual leave?

Requests are made through Employee Self-Service (ESS).

  • Employees must have at least 30 calendar days of service before annual leave can be used.
  • Employees with less than one year of service may only request to use annual leave that has been earned to date.
  • Employees with more than one year of service may request to use annual leave that is expected to be earned in the current leave calendar year.
What happens if I don't use all of my annual leave in the same calendar year?
  • Unused annual leave may be carried over from one leave calendar year to the next up to a maximum of 45 days.
  • Annual leave in excess of 45 days that is not used within the first seven pay periods of the new leave calendar year is converted to sick leave up to the maximum sick leave accumulation of 300 days.
What happens to my unused annual leave if I end employment or retire?

Employees who retire, resign, or otherwise separate from the university are entitled to receive a payout of unused annual leave. The payout is based on the number of days available on the last day of employment and the employee's salary at the time of separation.