Tuition Waiver Eligibility and Benefit Verification Portal

This tool provides personalized eligibility and benefits by answering a few simple questions.

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Click on group name for detailed tuition waiver eligibility and benefits:


APSCUF Faculty

Management (Non-represented)

Coaches (Non-Faculty)




ROTC/Military Science personnel

Co-op Employees

Note: Summary charts of eligibility and benefits for all bargaining units/groups are also available.

Clarifications and Exceptions

  • Inactive Status: If employee is placed in an inactive pay status or terminates employment in the middle of a semester, the tuition waiver will continue until the end of the semester, then be discontinued.
  • Child turns 25: When eligibility ends with a child's 25th birthday, eligibility will be extended until the end of the semester in which the child's 25th birthday occurs.
  • Children as Graduate Students: The tuition waiver policy does not offer benefits to children who are graduate students, even if they are taking undergraduate courses. The policy only covers undergraduate students taking undergraduate courses.
  • Noncredit courses: The tuition waiver is applicable to credit bearing courses only. Tuition waiver is not available for noncredit Continuing Education courses, Criminal Justice Training Program courses, or Culinary Institute courses.
  • Foreign Exchange Programs: The tuition waiver is applicable for special programs such as Foreign Exchange Programs, only where credits are awarded by IUP.
  • Transfer Credits: There is no tuition waiver benefit if another institution awards the credit and is later transferred to IUP.