In accordance with the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, any employee of Indiana University of Pennsylvania who suffers an accidental injury or occupational illness within the meaning of the law is entitled to medical benefits and compensation.

The University Workers' Compensation Program covers all full-time (100 percent FTE), part-time (50–99 percent FTE), and student employees of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions or the information below:

What should an injured employee do?

[Printable Instructions]

  1. In the event of a medical emergency, please dial 911.

  2. Immediately notify your supervisor.

  3. Notify the Office of Human Resources of your injury by completing the Employee Injury/Illness Incident Report with your supervisor on the same day as the injury, if possible.

    • Include as much detail as possible regarding the injury. [i.e., location (campus, street, building, floor); injured body part; description of how injury occurred]

    • The report must be completed even if the injury is considered minor, if no medical attention was needed, or if time was not lost from work.

    • When the form is completed and signed by you and your supervisor, send it to the Office of Human Resources by email ( or fax (724-357-2685).

  4. Seek non-emergency medical treatment within the first 90 days from a physician listed on the IUP Panel of Physicians.

    • Email, fax, or mail any related documentation received from the medical provider as soon as possible following treatment to the Office of Human Resources.

  5. If medical attention was sought and/or time was lost from work due to the injury, the Office of Human Resources will file a claim with Inservco Insurance Services, our third party workers' compensation insurance company.

    • If a claim is filed, Inservco will review the claim information and determine if it is compensable under the Workers' Compensation law

    • Inservco will notify you directly whether or not the claim is approved.

  6. Review your rights and responsibilities under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law on the Workers' Compensation Employee Notice and the WC Information Sheet for your employee group below: