Our Suites Just Got Sweeter—Get $1,000 for Living on Campus

A residence hall framed by fall leaves on a tree

Live in the suites and enjoy the many advantages—like the $1,000* you'll save with our housing scholarship for 2024–25.

To receive the scholarship, students need to sign up by August 1, 2024.

Join the community of students living in the heart of campus. It's a smart choice—and now an even better value.

*Available to degree-seeking students living in the suite-style residence halls, Indiana campus only. The money is distributed at $500 per semester.

Six Steps To Sign Up For Housing

  1. Log in to MyIUP
  2. Go to Discover and search "housing"
  3. On the Housing and Dining card click on Housing and Dining Portal (StarRez).
  4. Select Sign up for Housing and Dining
  5. Select Academic year 2024–25
  6. Complete the Housing License Agreement by selecting your suite, building, roommate(s), and meal plan.

Your door to campus life is opening.

Use our easy, flexible system to pick your new home and find a roommate who's a great match.

You'll want to move fast! That's how you get the most options to pick from for roommates and room styles. Don't wait, especially if you want your own room or a specific roommate.

Flexible Sign-ups—Save and Come Back, Change Your Mind

We make it easy and flexible to find your IUP campus home. You can start the process, save your choices, and come back later to finish it or just look at more options.

You can even make changes after you've confirmed and finalized your agreement. You cannot cancel your agreement once you've submitted it, but you can make changes in your room, Living-Learning Community, and roommate selection. Your ability to choose and change your mind on these aspects of your housing for the fall-spring academic year remains open until about mid-summer.

To make a room change or view vacancies after you've already secured housing, you'll want to follow steps 1–4 in the gray box above, then go to the end of the sign-up process, the Housing Summary page. At the bottom of that page, you'll find the section that says "Do you want to change rooms?" Select yes, then continue. Your current room reservation will not be changed until you add a new room to your cart and complete the sign-up process again.

The tips below match the sections of the housing sign-up system. Check them to get behind-the-scenes information that makes signing up even easier.

Tips Before You Begin!

  • At one point, you'll be asked to enter meningitis vaccine information. The vaccine itself is not required to attend IUP, but IUP is required by federal law to collect information on who is vaccinated and who is not. If you have received the vaccine, you'll be entering the doctor's name and phone number and the date of the vaccination. Call your doctor if you want to check it and be ready. (If you don't have the information handy, you can go back and add it later.)

  • You and any planned roommates won't be able to enter the system and select a room until you've each paid your tuition deposit. You can't hold a space for them, though you can give up your space if someone else selects you as a roommate and picks a room you selected. Planned-ahead roommates often select their housing at the same time.

  • First-year students at IUP are required to live on campus (with very few exceptions), because it offers a smooth transition into college life. When living on campus, you are required to have one of the designated on-campus meal plans. Returning students are encouraged to live on campus and take advantage of the many advantages that come with it. If you are a returning student who is not living on campus but would like to sign up for a meal plan, see the How to Sign Up for Meal Plans page rather than using the housing sign-up system.

Log In Through MyIUP

  • After you pay your tuition deposit, you will be able to access the housing sign-up system through MyIUP. If you are having trouble with your MyIUP account, you can find tips to solve your issue or contact IT Support at it-support-center@iup.edu and 724-357-4000.

  • Go to https://my.iup.edu/ and sign in.

  • On your MyIUP go to Discover and search "housing" to find the Housing and Dining card. On the card, click on Housing and Dining Portal (StarRez).

Housing Sign-up Home Page

  • Do you see a screen that says Live On!? Then, you're in the right place! There is strip of menu options under the Live On! Heading. Pick "Sign Up for Housing and Dining" and get started.

  • You'll pick the term you want to find housing for by clicking Apply

Personal Details/Meningitis Information

  • When you start the application, it will pull in information about you through MyIUP.

    If you see something that's incorrect, contact the registrar's office at registrars office email or 724-357-2217.

  • You'll work your way, question by question, through the options. A menu appears that you can use to go back to sections you want to change or review. After you make some choices, they'll appear at the beginning, so you'll know what you have chosen so far.

  • You'll be asked if you have any specific housing and dining medical needs. This area is for food allergies, other allergies, and accommodations you'll need for medical conditions. For example, if you are allergic to smoke, you would list it here, but if you just prefer a roommate who doesn't smoke, you would list it in "Roommate Matching" instead.

  • You'll be asked about meningitis vaccine information. The vaccine itself is not required to attend IUP, but IUP is required by federal law to collect information on who is vaccinated and who is not. If you have received the vaccine, you will be entering the doctor's name and phone number and the date of the vaccination.

Selecting Your Room and Roommate

  • Pick the style of room you want. A suite with roommates who each have their own room? A suite with a shared bedroom? Sign up early for your best chance to get your first choice.

  • You can't hold a room for anyone, though you can drop out of a room to join someone in a different room if it is open. If you are planning to room with someone, you should both pay your tuition deposit so you can access the system. Usually, friends who plan to room together select their housing at the same time.

  • If you are admitted as a first-year student to the Honors College, you must choose from rooms in Wallwork Hall. (Many returning students from the Honors College choose Northern, which is next to Whitmyre Hall and gives them easy access to Whitmyre's common areas.)

  • When you enter your roommate information, keep in mind anyone can view what you write, such as your interests and hobbies. You can skip any part you wish to skip.

  • You can sort roommate results by several factors or just one. (Leave "any" in most of the preferences if you are trying to sort by just one factor.) You'll get the top few matches with a percentage of how each person matched you. You can also view more matches and, if they list their email, follow up by emailing them. You can save the information from your roommate searches.

Meal Plans, Your Housing Agreement, and Changes After You Submit It

  • You'll choose a meal plan from the options open to students in the residence halls. If you have questions, contact the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining at 724-357-2696 or IUP dining email.

  • You'll also be asked to accept the housing agreement, which has a lot of good information in it about your housing arrangements. Read it over. It is legally binding and cannot be canceled, though you can choose different rooms or roommates after signing it, within some guidelines.

  • If you have any questions about changing rooms after submitting the online housing agreement, contact the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining at 724-357-2696 or IUP housing email.

  • There are a few final steps in our system to confirm what you are signing up for. You'll know you have completed all of the steps when it says "Success! Welcome Home!" You can still make changes until the Housing Office closes the system, usually in the summer for the fall-spring academic year.