Minor - Sustainability Studies, approved 4-28-15

14-89a new minor program, UWUCC AP-2/24/15, Senate App-4/28/15

Minor - Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer, approved 11-3-15

15-30a new minor, UWUCC AP-9/29/15, Senate App-11/3/15

Latin American Studies Minor

01-30a new program, UWUCC App-2/12/02, Senate App-2/26/02

Humanities and Social Science Change in College Language Requirements, approved 10-7-14

14-45 program catalog description change, UWUCC App-9/2/14, Senate App-10/7/14

Foreign Language College Language Requirements

13-54 catalog description change (to clarify college Foreign Language requirements), UWUCC App-9/3/13, Senate App-10/8/13

Critical Language Program, approved 5-4-93

92-27 course number changes (includes number changes for: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch Finnish, Hindi, Hungrarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish), UWUCC App- 3/09/93, Senate App-5/04/93

Critical Language Program, approved 5-4-99

98-31a program revision, UWUCC App-1/19/99, Senate App-5/04/99

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Honors Track

03-15a new track, UWUCC App-2/24/04, Senate App-3/30/04

BSED Social Science Education-History Track (1991 archives)

91-30 program revision

BSED Social Science Education-Geography Major Program

91-13 program revision

BSED Social Science Education - Sociology Concentration, 1991 archives

91-17b program revision

BSED Secondary Spanish, approved 5-2-00

99-13 program revision, UWUCC App-4/18/00, Senate App-5/02/00

XX281 Special Topics (Lower-Division)

90-35 Generic course number, approved-2/26/91

SUST 201 Introduction to Sustainability Studies, approved 4-28-15

14-89b new course, LSC AP-10/23/14, UWUCC AP-2/24/15, Senate App-4/28/15

LGBT 400 Queer Theory, approved 11-3-15

15-30c new course, UWUCC AP-9/29/15, Senate App-11/3/15

LGBT 200 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies, approved 11-3-15

15-30b new course, UWUCC AP-9/29/15, Senate App-11/3/15

LDRS 300 Foundations of Leadership, approved 4-28-15

14-174b  new course, UWUCC AP-4/21/15, Senate App-4/28/15

LAS 480 Latin American Studies Seminar

01-30b new course, UWUCC App-2/12/02, Senate App-2/26/02 

LA 101 Elementary Latin I

90-28f new course

CS 312 Housing and Culture

89-32b title change (was Housing and Man)

CS 216 Clothing and Culture

89-32a title change (Clothing and Man)

CL 115, 165, 215, 265 Swahili I-IV

98-46 number changes (were CL 491, 492, 493, 494 Swahili I-IV), UWUCC App-2/23/99, Senate App-4/06/99

CL 114, 164, 214, 264 Hebrew I-IV

97-38 course number changes (were CL 491, 492, 493, 494 Hebrew I-IV), UWUCC App-11/11/97, Senate App-12/02/97

CL 107, CL 157, CL 207, CL 257

98-31f course deletions, UWUCC App-1/19/99, Senate App-5/04/99

CHSS 489 Honors Colloquium

03-15b new course, UWUCC App-2/24/04, Senate App-4/27/04

CHSS 343 Applied Practice in Secondary English Language Arts

11-168 new course, UWUCC AP-4/24/12, Senate App-5/1/12

CHSS 342 Social Studies Teaching Lab

08-85b new course, UWUCC AP-4/7/09, Senate App-4/28/09

CHSS 121 University Foundations

11-2 new course, UWUCC AP-11/29/11, Senate App-12/06/11