Pan African Studies

Pan African Studies
Pan African Studies Minor, approved 4-26-05

04-2a minor program revision, UWUCC App 4/5/05, Senate App-4/26/05

Pan-African Studies Minor

95-50 new program, UWUCC App-4/23/96, Senate App-12/03/96

Pan-African Studies Minor, approved 1-24-12

11-58 program revision, UWUCC App-12/13/11, Senate App-1/24/12

Minor - Pan-African Studies, approved 11-3-15

15-44b program revision, UWUCC App-10/13/15, Senate App-11/3/15

XX281 Special Topics (Lower-Division)

90-35 Generic course number, approved-2/26/91

PNAF 493 Pan African Studies Internship

04-2b new course, UWUCC App-4/5/05, Senate App-4/26/05

AF 131 Introduction to Pan-African Studies

95-50a new course, UWUCC App-4/23/96, Senate App-12/03/96

PNAF 131 Introduction to Pan-African Studies, distance education

08-79 UWUCC AP-3/31/09, Senate Info.-4/21/09