Continuing Education

Certificate of Completion

97-33 UWUCC App-12/16/97, Senate Returned-2/03/98

BS General Studies (from 1988 archives)

88-11 new program

BS General Studies (from 1987 archives)

87-37 program revision

Bachelor of Science in General Studies, approved 2-26-02

01-13 program revision, UWUCC App-1/22/02, Senate App-2/26/02

BS General Studies, approved 1-28-03

02-42a program revision, reduction in elective credits, UWUCC App-1/14/03, Senate App-1/28/03

AA General Studies, approved 4-29-03

02-42b program revision, UWUCC App-3/25/03, Senate App-4/29/03