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Recent Features

Phi Mu Alpha’s New Brother

When Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity needed an advisor in 1979, marching band director Charles Casavant stepped up. But first, he had to pledge the fraternity.

Changing Fashions, Changing Times

A professor in IUP’s Fashion Studies program, Janet Blood gave a presentation last spring on changes in style from the late 1800s at Indiana State Normal School to the 1940s at Indiana State Teachers College. Following are some of her observations from yearbooks.

‘A Bright, Shining Star’

Explore the history of Weyandt Hall, a state-of-the-art science facility that transformed IUP's campus in 1966, providing ample space for research and instruction in various scientific fields. Discover how this building, considered a "bright, shining star" in its time, paved the way for advancements in teaching, research, and technology at the university, and learn about the exciting prospects of the upcoming Kopchick Hall, set to open in 2024, as a new era for science at IUP unfolds.

Remedy for Rural Health

Rich Caruso's generous million-dollar gift led to the inception of IUP's College of Osteopathic Medicine, a crucial initiative addressing the scarcity of physicians in rural Pennsylvania, with the aim of enhancing healthcare accessibility for underserved areas and fostering economic growth.

Check-in at Eberly

Students headed for the hotel industry can practice in class, behind a real-life front desk.

A Passion for Scholarship—Rosemary Gido

Rosemary Gido, professor emerita of criminology, is still an active researcher, often focusing on how poverty affects the incarceration rate.

The Math You Eat

Math can be intimidating. It’s sophisticated, and it comes in algorithms and logarithms. But longtime Virginia educator Gwendolyn Tolbert Best ’93, M’95 shook off math’s pretensions and made it a regular kid’s friend. For her students, Best’s math comes in roast beef subs, chili, cappuccino, and tiramisu.

2023 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Recipients of the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Awards were honored in April at a gala sponsored by the IUP Alumni Association.

“Almost like a Miracle”: Title IX Transforms IUP Women’s Sports

Title IX transformed women’s sports at IUP—from low-budget programs that sold baked goods to survive to the championship-caliber teams and athletes of today. Read about the evolution of sports in the half-century since this groundbreaking law was passed.

Voices of Experience: Black Alumni Helping Black Students

Black alumni spanning several decades at IUP are working with the university to help current Black students succeed. See what the Black Experience Alumni Committee, known as BEAC, has planned.

From Hoops to Healing: Scholar-Athlete Lends Skills to Fauci’s Team

Joe Rocco ’11 played for a record-breaking IUP basketball team. Now he excels on an even more celebrated squad—the one Anthony Fauci led in the battle against COVID-19.

Frank Cignetti: A Force beyond Football

Former head coach Frank Cignetti may be best known for his football success. But many knew him for something more. Hear from a former player, student coach, and Penn reporter how Cignetti’s impact extends far beyond the football field.

Home Is Where the Mind Is: Supporting Students from Countries in Crisis

Students from Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other countries in crisis face many obstacles to completing their education in the US. See how some have coped and have found help through IUP and the greater community.

Imagine Unlimited Impact

Four students help illustrate the impact of IUP’s record-breaking Imagine Unlimited campaign. Hear from scholarship recipients in chemistry and football, a grad assistant promoting fairness in policing, and a food pantry worker who has connected hundreds of students with meals.

When a Change Becomes Essential

Tired of changing his son’s diaper on the men’s room floor, 2009 graduate Donte Palmer made an Instagram post that led to a national campaign pushing for changing tables in all public restrooms. His organization has since expanded to offer other help to parents, but especially to fathers.

“Aunt Jane”: IUP’s George Washington

Considered Indiana Normal School’s guiding spirit, Jane Leonard inspired thousands of students and, perhaps, a U.S. president.