Office of Financial Aid

  • If you’re like most of our students, financial aid means a lot to you and your family. You’re counting on it. You need it to make the jump into a college education. You need it to back you up, so you can earn your degree.

    We know how important it is for you, and we’re here to help.

    You'll find a lot of the information you'll need on our website, where we'll walk you through the steps and untangle the process.

    Still have questions? You are always welcome to contact us at or 724-357-2218.

  • If your family’s income has been adversely affected in 2020—We may be able to help!

    Families that encountered circumstances that led to a reduction in their 2020 income should contact our office to request a Special Circumstances Appeal form.

    Your completion of this form will allow our office to re-evaluate your federal financial aid for the 2020-21 academic year. Incoming freshmen can complete this form now. Returning students can complete the form any time after June 15.

    Students may contact our office to request the form by phone at 724-357-2218 or by email at Please be sure to include your Banner ID number.

  • Two students working together at a laptop.Your Financial Aid Timeline

    Follow along month-by-month as our timeline for incoming students guides you through the process. 

    Your Financial Aid Step-by-Step

    Just take it step-by-step, and you can handle your financial aid smoothly throughout college.
    1. Apply for aid.  To apply for aid, start with the FAFSA, then apply for scholarships.
    2. Receive your offer. IUP compiles your financial aid offer with the maximum aid you are eligible for at that time. Understand each type of aid in your offer.
    3.  Accept what you want from your offer. Decide what aid you wish to accept, and do the paperwork to make it official.
    4. Learn the requirements for each type of aid you have. Understand what you have to do to maintain eligibility for your financial aid. Watch for rules about grades, attendance, drop-add, etc.
    5. Attend every class on your schedule, including online classes, as often as you can throughout the term, especially during the first few weeks of the semester. You must be making satisfactory academic progress to maintain your eligibility for many types of aid. For some kinds of financial aid, professors have to track that you are actively participating at the beginning of the course and throughout the semester.
    6. Get help as early as possible if you are having trouble with your classes. Talk to your advisor and the Office of Financial Aid before dropping or withdrawing from a class, especially if it will leave you with less than 12 credits, which can affect your aid.
    7. Keep track of your aid for each year and plan ahead. We've collected links to resources that can help you manage your money, such as a loan-payment simulator, information on deferments, information on finances after graduation, and more.

    Information for Parents

    Check out financial aid information especially for parents.

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