If you're taking classes during winter session, you might be eligible for financial aid to help you with the cost. This is not guaranteed, and you might need to take additional steps to apply for aid such as federal or private loans.

If You Are Taking Winter Courses and Will Enroll for Spring:

IUP combines the winter bill and spring bill, so your financial aid offer for spring typically can be used for both winter and spring sessions.

Here's how it works: any financial aid you are offered for the winter session will be paid to your account during the spring semester. If your financial aid for spring exceeds your spring bill, the additional amount will be automatically applied to your winter session charges.

Are You a Part-time Student with PA State Grants or Pell Grants?

If you are an undergraduate student and will be part-time in the spring semester (i.e., less than 12 credits), your spring credits and winter credits will be combined. Your PA State Grant and/or Pell Grant funding will be based on your combined credits. The Financial Aid Office will review your account at the end of the drop/add period for the spring semester to determine your grant eligibility.

Are You Changing Grade Levels after Fall?

If you are changing grade levels (e.g., to sophomore or junior) after the fall term, you might be able to receive an increase in your Direct Loan. Notify the Financial Aid Office to see if this applies to you.

Do You Want to Add to Your PLUS and Alternative Loans?

You can apply to have funding added to a PLUS or alternative loan. Please indicate on the PLUS or alternative loan application that this funding is for the period of January through May (with specific dates), since all financial aid for winter is processed and paid to your account in the spring, after drop/add ends.

For more on how to apply for these loan programs, see the loan section of our website.

If You Are Taking Winter Classes, but Will Not Enroll for Spring:

Students who enroll for winter courses, but do not plan to enroll for the spring semester, should consult with a financial aid representative to determine aid eligibility and actual disbursement dates.