Carousel Slideshow

You can place a carousel on any web page, creating a slideshow of photographs that will display one image at a time.

Carousels can be any width, such as half the width of the page, a quarter-width, or even full-width. A carousel:

  • Can contain any number of photographs, with a minimum of 3
  • Automatically cycles through each photograph
  • Allows you to optionally add captions and/or links to an image.

Preparing Your Images

Before creating your carousel, you'll want to edit and upload the images to Cascade. Make sure your images are large enough to fit the width you plan on making the carousel. If they are too small, you may run into pixilation issues.

Important: Before uploading images for any one carousel, be certain that they all have exactly the same pixel dimensions, both height and width. Any variation in dimensions between photos will cause some to have an unexpected appearance.

Creating an Image Carousel

Once your images have been created and uploaded to Cascade, you can create an image slideshow/carousel by following these steps:

  1. In Cascade, go to the page you wish to add a carousel/slideshow and click the Edit button at the top.

  2. Create a new Content Row, and move it to where you would like the carousel to appear.

  3. In the new row, set the column Type to Carousel (Three or More Images)

  4. In the Column Width section, choose how wide on the page you would like your image carousel to be. Be sure to select a width that will accommodate the size of your images. If the images are too small, the result will appear pixilated.

  5. Under the first Item, select the first image you would like to include from the file chooser.

  6. In the Image Alt Text, include a brief description of the images. This is required for accessibility purposes.

  7. If you wish to add a visible image caption, you may do so in the Content editor window.

  8. Once you are finished with your first image, you can add an additional one using the green + button at the right of the Item header. You will also be able to re-order and remove items using the arrow and X buttons.

  9. It is important that your carousel includes at least three images at a minimum. A carousel with only one or two images will not display or function properly.

  10. Finally, once all information is entered, you can submit your changes in the button at the top right of the window.