Every web page needs a description—a summary of whatever the page is about. Text in the description field does not appear on the actual page, but does appear in many places on the IUP site, and in search engine results under the link to the page.

When the page open for editing, locate the Description field underneath the Display Name and the Title fields.

The description should be one or two sentences of what the page (or document) is about. It should not just repeat the title. Summaries always appear with their page titles, never alone. Summaries appear in collections, underneath page titles in web searches, and with news post headlines.

Here are some ways summaries can be useful:

  • They tell people what they'll find if they follow the link.
  • They can act as a teaser to get people to follow the link.
  • They supplement a good title. Don't just recycle or reword the title to create a summary; give an additional, useful piece of information.