Workflow Procedures

A workflow is a series of steps that content must go through before it can be created, edited, copied, moved, renamed, and/or deleted by users in Cascade CMS. Once a workflow reaches a step resulting in no further action, the workflow is complete—the item is no longer considered “in workflow” and is returned to a normal state.

How to Submit Content in Cascade

Authors and Approvers

  1. When you are done editing, click the blue Preview Draft button at the top. If the page looks the way you want, then click the blue Submit button, followed by Check Content and Submit.

  2. Results from the spellcheck, link check, and accessibility check will be displayed. Fix any issues that are shown. When ready, click the blue checkmark button.

  3. On the next screen you will click Start Workflow in the top-right.

For authors, this is the last step. Approvers, however, have a few more steps.

Approver Additional Steps

Approvers must approve their own submissions.

  1. After choosing Start Workflow, the page will reload. You will now need to choose Assign this step to me, in the left-middle of the screen. (This step is the same as when you approve submissions from authors, see below.) 

  2. You must now click Approve. If this step is not completed, submissions do not reach the Digital Team for review.

If you aren't sure if content was submitted correctly, just check the My Workflows widget on your dashboard. If you have submissions pending, they will be listed there. A pink Waiting icon means that the workflow is waiting for your action. Items without the pink Waiting icon are still in workflow, but do not need any action from you. 

How to Approve a Submission from an Author

A pink Waiting icon means that the workflow is waiting for your action. If it is an author’s submission, you should review the changes.

  1. Choose Assign this step to me (in the left-middle of the screen).
  2. Click on the item icon under Asset in workflow. The submitted content will load. If you want to see what changed, click on the More link at upper right, then choose Compare with current. The page will show markup indicating original and changed text.

  3. You can then click your web browser’s Back button to get back to the main workflow page. From here, decide if you will choose Approve, Edit (and then submit), or Request Changes from Owner, which will send it back to the submitter (be sure to include an @username comment explaining what needs fixed).

Learn More

Workflow Steps

A step is an individual moment in a workflow where one or more actions are available. Certain steps have step owners—users or groups responsible for advancing the workflow to the next step by choosing an action.

Learn more about Workflow Steps in the Cascade Knowledge Base.

Workflow Actions

Workflow steps are linked by actions, creating pathways from an initial step to a final step. While system and edit steps will each only have one action, transition steps require user intervention and will typically have multiple actions to choose from such as approve, reject, or edit.

Learn more about Workflow Actions in the Cascade Knowledge Base.