Making Links

There are two main types of links in Cascade: internal links (linking to any page or asset on the site), and external links. There are also email links (see below).

Both internal and external links start the same way—by highlighting the text to be linked. (The link should always describe where the link leads. Do not use “click here” or place a bare URL.)

  1. In Cascade, navigate to your web page after clicking the SITE menu at the top of the page.

  2. Click the Edit button at the top.

  3. Scroll to find the content to edit. Click the content block sections to expand them if needed.

  4. Highlight the text to be linked.

  5. In the formatting toolbar, click on the chain-link icon (Insert/edit link).

  6. For Link Type, choose Internal or External (see below).

Internal (Asset Link)

  1. For Link Source, click on Choose File, Page, or Link.

  2. Find and select the asset to be linked. If you need to browse to a different section of the website, click the Browse link and then use the breadcrumb trail to help find the target.

    1. If you're linking to a file that is not yet uploaded, choose the Upload link, choose your file (or use drag-and-drop), and then select Choose.

    2. The file will upload and be linked to at the same time.

  3. Select OK at the bottom of the Insert Link window.


  1. For Link Source, type or paste the URL of the page you're linking to.

  2. Select OK at the bottom of the Insert Link window.

Email Links

Cascade automatically activates email links when they are typed.

Changing an Email Link:

Don't just put the cursor into the email address and start typing, because that will not update the actual link. Instead, click once inside the email address link and then click the Insert/edit Link icon. In the new window, change both the Link Source field (which must begin with mailto:) and the Text to Display field. The Text to Display should always be the email address. Do not hide it behind other text, such as someone's name.

For More Information

Read an article from the Cascade Knowledge Base.