Create a FAQ

Those who have done research on the internet are probably familiar with FAQ content, or Frequently Asked Questions.

Creating a FAQ

With your page open for editing, find or create the designated Content Row you wish to place your FAQ. Within the row, create a new column and assign its type as "Accordion/Expanding Content" and set your desired column width. Before building out your FAQ items, you'll have the option to:

  • Set the FAQ width by adjusting the "Column Width" option.
  • Add/edit optional content that appears above an FAQ by using the content editor box labeled "Content".
  • Choose if the FAQ will have an expand/collapse all option by selecting/deselecting the "Display Expand All Button?" option.

Creating FAQ Items

With the initial FAQ options set, you can begin adding, removing, and organizing the individual items via the buttons on the right side of each item's header. Clicking each item header will also expand it allowing you to edit them. Within each FAQ item, you will need to:

  • Provide the heading content that will appear even when the item is collapsed.
  • Designate if the heading will display as a standard paragraph, heading 2, heading 3, or heading 4.
  • Provide the body content that will display when the item is expanded on the page.

Editing an Existing FAQ

With your page open for editing, find the correct Content Row with the nested column set to "Accordion/Expanding Content". Clicking the column header should expand the section for editing. From there you can edit, add, remove, or organize the items listed within the FAQ. This will be done using the arrow, plus, and x buttons on the right side of the Item header.