Digital Team

Website Redesign Issue Reporting

The website recently launched with new content and updated templates/designs. If you find something that seems like it could still use some work, please let us know! Fill out the website redesign issues reporting form.

Report a Website Redesign Issue

If you have an urgent issue on your site that needs immediate attention, please submit an ihelp ticket for fastest response. 


The Digital Team maintains IUP’s key public online properties, including:

Web maintainer training procedures are being revised, due to the upcoming migration of our website to Cascade, the new CMS.

We have more information to help you: See the How To section for CMS help, and take a look at our university style guide for web writing tips.

How to Get Help

If it's an emergency, call 724-357-3062.


Upcoming Changes to the CMS Website: Workflow/Publishing and Access

Upcoming changes for the month of October to publishing and access in the CMS in preparation for the relaunch of the website.