Undergraduate Programs in Communications Media

Engage the World Persuasively, Effectively, and Memorably

Your career in communications media is an exercise in global outreach and sharing. Great products, services, and information rarely find a hungry audience without storytelling and evocative imagery. The communications field will grow with each technological breakthrough.

Communications Media, BS

Master all aspects of communications media, including the design, production, and evaluation of media messages.

  • Complete a nine-credit internship as a stepping stone to your first job.
  • Immerse yourself in media writing, production, promotion, and marketing.
  • Enjoy electives your adviser will help you choose so your time at IUP is as productive as possible.
  • Enrich your perspective by fulfilling IUP's Liberal Studies Program. These courses are the bedrock of an effective communications professional.
  • Choose your track: Media Marketing, Media Studies, Media Production, or News Media.
    • Media Marketing Track (MDMK)

      • Take courses in media promotion, sales, and management along with courses in marketing, advertising, and social media marketing in this interdisciplinary program offered with the Department of Marketing.
      • Create sales and marketing plans, promote organizations, and develop skills in planning and executing marketing strategies.
    • Media Studies Track (MDST)

      • Focus your program on media theory, writing, and research.
      • Choose beginning production courses and electives that prepare you for graduate school, or work in careers like promotion, event planning, and writing.
    • Media Production Track (PROD)

      • Take basic and advanced production courses in video, audio, radio, games, graphics, or photography.
      • Develop specialized production skills in your area of interest.
    • News Media Track (NEWS)

      • Take courses in news writing, news production, global media, and media law. 
      • Learn to produce and report news stories for different types of audiences. 

    Communications Media Minor

    Students who are not communications media majors can add to their skills with our 18-credit minor.

    Audio Production Certificate

    Develop advanced production skills in radio, audio, and digital recording.

    Photography and Digital Imaging Certificate

    Increase your marketability with knowledge of photography and image manipulation.

    Popular Music Certificate

    This interdisciplinary certificate with IUP's Department of Music includes music and audio production courses.


    Students intern at radio and TV stations, media network headquarters, production companies, hospitals and health systems, graphic design firms, promotion agencies, and corporate training departments. Gain course credit and real-world experience.


    Collaborate with professors on projects, such as the production of brochures, promotional videos, and computerized training modules.