Hear what IUP Communications Media students have to say about our program.

Paige Kreisher

At IUP, the Communications Media program has offered me many opportunities to expand my knowledge in different fields. You can take courses and join organizations to develop a well-rounded skill set and create your portfolio. I am assistant station manager at IUP-TV and a producer on the show Indie Rocker's Ball. Being involved with the TV station has taught me new editing, management, and TV production skills. There are also many opportunities to make connections with professors and other students; giving you the ability to learn to new skills and how to conquer projects with a team.
—Paige Kreisher

John Pagan

I took advantage of my classes, the help professors provided, the many student organizations, and the access to production equipment. I have taken almost all production classes, I have been a part of several IUP-TV shows, and I have spent several hours after classes in the last three years learning to use all of the computer programs related to video production and graphics, as well as the broadcasting and film equipment. Being a part of these the department's student organizations has allowed me to put my skills to use. The IUP Communications Media Department has prepared me very well to go out into the real world.
—John Pagan

Connor QuarlesThe Communications Media Department at IUP has offered me every possible way to succeed. In the time leading up to my senior year, I have participated in multiple seasons of live sports productions of volleyball, football, and basketball. The incredible hands-on experience enabled me to create professional level broadcasts along with other hard-working students. Through production courses, caring and helpful professors, and an excellent internship program, I have been given opportunities that would never have been available to me otherwise. I have grown as a student, a person and as a professional in the communications field.
—Connor Quarles

Amelia AtkinsThe Communications Media Department has taught me skills in every aspect of media. IUP-TV gives you a chance to experience what happens in a real studio. Aside from production, you learn other skills like marketing, promotions, and media studies which lets you grow as a student. Every professor in Comm Media is willing to help you develop and challenge you in a positive way. Now, as a senior and am very confident in what I can and will accomplish once I graduate.
—Amelia Atkins

Emily LooseI wanted to be involved with WIUP-FM because I have been in love with the radio since I was a child. Most of my memories include listening to music or to Howard Stern when I was younger. It was the first club I joined my freshmen year and I have loved it since. Music is one of my biggest loves, and I felt the need to get involved. When I first joined the station, I always went to the events WIUP-FM sponsored. The program director told me I should try out for a management position when the chance came. Never expected I could do it, but I worked as music director and then station manager. I wanted to use all my ideas for the future of WIUP-FM and also to let everyone else who works with us to know their voices are going to be equally heard.
—Emily Loose

Katie Rentz

As a senior, I know the IUP Communications Media program has helped prepare me for a career after graduation. We are given the opportunity to get a taste of the real world by choosing a summer internship related to what we want to do after graduating. Taking production, marketing, and writing intensive courses through the Communications Media Department prepared me for my amazing internship, and I feel more than ready to start a career with confidence. Being able to get out of my comfort zone and become a well-rounded person is something that I am forever grateful for, and I would not have been able to do any of it without the support of this department.
—Katie Rentz

Hayley BushAs a freshman and student worker in the Communications Media office, I find myself off to a great start at IUP. By working closely with the faculty and staff of the department, I am more aware of the various clubs and events within the department which will provide opportunities for me to grow professionally. Even though I've been a part of this program for less than one year, I have already had real, hands-on experience with organizations such as the Center for Media Production and Research, doing live sports productions. The knowledge and skills I have already obtained as a student worker make me excited for what's to come in my collegiate and professional career.
—Hayley Bush

Malusi KitchenCommunications Mmedia at IUP has helped me immensely with my love of sports media and radio. I have worked with WIUP-FM for four years as a host and play-by-play announcer for IUP sports. The experience gave me a chance to network with highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field.The faculty of the department have been instrumental in getting me to expand my talents in different areas. With that, I became a staff writer for the Penn, IUP's student newspaper, covering sporting events. I am grateful for my time in Communications Media and have a greater appreciation for the skills and education I gained at this higher level.
—Malusi Kitchen

Ishaaq MuhammadThrough IUP-TV and classes, I've learned useful skills that have prepared me for a professional career. With having access to programs like the Adobe Creative Cloud and professional equipment and technology, I'm able to expand my skills in many areas. This department is great because it offers hands-on experience which enhances my education here at IUP.
—Ishaaq Muhammad

Walter PeguesBeing part of WIUP-FM, Sports Talk Live, and a color commentator for IUP women's basketball, I have had the opportunity to get hands-on experience. Being a sports fan and playing for the IUP football team, I always dreamed about sitting at the announcers table broadcasting games. With the courses the Communications Media Department offers, I'm able to get the experience and education I need to meet my goals. This a department I'm proud to be involved in.
—Walter Pegues

Jackie Gillis Comm Media has really helped me with my dream of one day becoming a news reporter. I am in IUP TV-News as a field reporter and on-air talent for Witticism. The professors are amazing and have been so helpful if you ever need help. The equipment you have access to gives you a real advantage in your education. As a sophomore, I already feel like I know so much about how to work in TV production. Comm Media and IUP-TV has exceeded any expectations I had for my education.
—Jackie Gillis

Jacob Slebodnick

IUP feels more like home rather than an institution of learning. I wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities provided by Communications Media, so I am a producer and DJ for WIUP-FM and a sports commentator for IUP basketball and football through the sports production course and the Center for Media Production and Research. I've learned so much and made many friends in my two years at IUP. The faculty are always very helpful, and they want to see everyone succeed.
—Jacob Slebodnick

Liam NobleI have always loved listening to music and following bands that I could connect with through their songs. When I first took a tour of the Communications Media Department at IUP, the radio station was the first thing that caught my eye. The advanced technology and the whole studio setup had me awestruck, and I knew at that moment, I wanted to try to be a DJ. Little did I know as a high school senior that the decision I made would be the spark that ignited my career choice, and I have been a radio DJ at WIUP-FM since my freshman year. IUP has not only started that dream of mine, but has been a constant help in achieving that goal. With professors whogo beyond the classroom to ensure student success, topeerswith a fiery passion for creating media, we're not justan academic department, we are truly a family.
—Liam Noble