Rob Ruscher '09 SELF-MADE, WITH HELP FROM IUP—Rob Ruscher '09 earned his degree and started his own company, Ruscher Visuals, and he spends his days as an in-demand cinematographer. "(The) public speaking class is one I still benefit from most," he says. "Every day, I am selling myself to production companies and clients. I need to be able to relate to them quickly, professionally, and effectively. Being able to speak well and get my point across is the difference between getting a job and not."

Program Your Future with Abundant Opportunities in Communications

Your comprehensive communications media degree allows you to dream big when considering a career. Entertainment and corporate promotions are perhaps the most obvious choices, yet they mask the depth of employment opportunity worldwide. City departments, hospitals, nonprofits, and corporations in all industries need your media-savvy communication skills. Your biggest challenge is to marshal your talents and choose a direction that suits your ambitions.


With a BS in Communications Media from IUP your career options are many:

  • Media promotions, marketing, and events
  • Corporate media and social media imaging
  • Entertainment, television, and film
  • Broadcast news
  • Radio
  • Social media and Internet production
  • Media management and operations
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Broadcast technician
  • Games and simulations
  • Documentarian
  • Audio production
  • Animation
  • Graphics

Path to Higher Degrees

A skilled communicator like you is likely to be eager to advance in the field of communications media. With a BS in Communications Media from IUP, you might want to pursue a master's degree and then your
PhD in Media and Communications Studies.

Or pursue master's or doctoral studies in:

  • Communications Media or Communications Technology
  • Instructional Design and Learning Technologies
  • Social Sciences