Several Communications Media courses are taught online, including writing intensive and basic production courses in photography and graphics. We offer at least two courses online each academic semester, with additional summer and winter session courses.

Get a Communications Media Degree with Online Courses

The Department of Communications Media offers the Bachelor of Science in Communications Media/Media Studies track online. Students who are off campus can select courses each semester that will help them complete the degree requirements. Our online production courses include basic photography, documentary photography, and communication graphics. Every student has an academic advisor and course instructors who communicate with students via one of our learning management systems or by e-mail.

The Media Studies track is a 44-credit program that includes eight credits of required courses plus a nine-credit internship. You can complete your internship at a location geographically convenient for you, at off-campus or on-campus sites. Our internship coordinator will help students with internship contracts, site selection, and placement.

Get Help on Campus at IUP Regional Campuses

If you live close to our IUP at Northpointe or IUP Punxsutawney campuses,you don't need to travel to the IUP Indiana campus to get your degree in Communications Media. Take a combination of classes at either regional campus and courses online to complete the requirements for your BS in Communications Media. You can access individualized advising, a writing center, library resources, tutoring, and college-success workshops throughout your academic program.

Degree Completion with Online Courses

If you left campus without completing your Communications Media degree, it may be possible for you to finish your education and graduate by taking online courses. Everyone's situation is different, so what you will be able to do will depend on how many credits you need and whether you left campus on good academic standing.

The first step in this process is to apply for readmission to IUP. Begin by visiting the Readmission Procedures website. After you have completed that process, the Communications Media Department will assign a faculty member to be your academic advisor who will help you determine what courses you need in Communications Media, Liberal Studies, or other departments to complete your degree.

If you left IUP with a GPA below a 2.0 and have not been enrolled at IUP for two years or more, you may be able to apply the Canceled Semester Policy. You may also be able to be readmitted under the Fresh Start Policy. Details on both of these policies are in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Contact Us About Taking Online Courses

If you have questions about taking online courses or degree completion in Communications Media with online classes, please call the Communications Media Department at 724-357-2492.