Student working in WIUP-FM studio WIUP-FM broadcasts daily airing student-produced music and talk shows. Student volunteers host and produce shows, participate in event and promotion planning, social media management, and off-air production. Student management roles provide opportunities for developing networking and leadership skills.

What's Happening for Communications Media Majors?

Communications media majors can engage in many activities outside of the classroom, further enriching their enthusiasm for the topic.


IUP-TV is used for classroom teaching and provides space for student-produced programming. Upgraded control room and studio facilities allow students to learn on-camera and behind-the-scenes video production.

IUP-TV Sports

In partnership with IUP Athletics, IUP-TV Sports and COMM 360 Digital Sports Production offer opportunities for students to be engaged in the live production of IUP sporting events. Students work in every role of the production process; director, camera operators, graphics, audio, and on-air.


WIUP-FM is a student-operated broadcast station with on-air and off-air opportunities for students to host shows, plan promotion events, and gain management experience. This student activity is open to all students.

Student Photography Association

The Student Photography Association sponsors workshops and guest speakers and organizes field trips to museums and galleries. The group also cosponsors a photography competition.

Student Film Association

The Student Film Association is a networking and production organization for students interested in film production. The group produces a short film each year.