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Researcher Development

Researcher development opportunities are provided by the IUP Research Institute and the School of Graduate Studies and Research. These have included: funding agency webinars and workshops, visits (live and remote) from funding agencies regarding grant competitions, focused workshops on finding funding, proposal writing tips and techniques, grant budget development, and managing your grant award, and the more structured PI Mentorship Academy. Our annual Research Appreciation Week (usually in April) provides a variety of topics and opportunities to participate and share your research expertise, as well. If you would like to request a workshop or suggest additional topics, please email Tracy Eisenhower at

PI Mentorship Academy (PIMA)

The PI Mentorship Academy (PIMA) is “bootcamp” for researchers who want to learn more, be better prepared, and proactively move their research agenda forward with externally funded grants. The topics span the lifecycle of grantsmanship and provide opportunities to learn how to better position yourself for success with external funding. Applications will be accepted in mid- to late April, and the cohort-based program meets four to five times a semester for an academic year (fall and spring semesters). Watch your email for announcements or contact Tracy Eisenhower, Associate Director, IUP Research Institute, at for more information.

 PIMA 22-23 Application

Draft Agenda Year 22-23

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