The project budget is the financial scope of work for your project. It provides an estimated, but detailed, financial plan for your project and a financial blueprint of how you accomplished your goals once the project is complete. The budget and budget justification must match your project narrative. Review your project narrative for the components of your budget. What duties will the personnel be performing, what is the scope of work for the subrecipient, why do you need project supplies, where are you traveling and why, etc.

Please work with a Pre-Award Grant and Contract Specialist (GCS) to develop your budget. Check that any purchases for supplies or equipment include shipping. Use federal GSA rates to budget for travel. The funding agency will review the budget to see if reasonable amounts were proposed.

Check the funding agency’s Request for Proposal (RFP) or Proposal Guidelines to see what type of indirect cost rate they allow.  Match should only be committed if it is required by the RFP. Many federal funding agencies are not permitted to use match as a factor during merit review. 

US General Services Administration (GSA) Travel Resources

Match Commitment Form

Indirect Cost Rate Agreements