If, during the course of your project implementation, you determine that you need additional time to complete the project and meet the deliverables, please contact the Post-Award Grant and Contract specialist at the IUP Research Institute (RI) as soon as possible.

Please monitor your project timeline closely. Many awards require that extension requests are submitted several months prior to the end date of a project. Late requests may be rejected or not considered. In other cases, sponsors may be limited by their own contractual requirements from extending an end date beyond a certain point.

If you think you may need additional time to complete your project, please reach out to the RI so that we can consult the terms and conditions of your award as soon as possible.

It will be necessary to receive the sponsor's prior written approval before extending the end date of a project. Many sponsors will not accept a request for an extension unless it is submitted by an Authorized Organizational Representative. The RI Post-Award GCS can help you prepare an appropriate extension request.