Project Administration is a post-award function of research administration. The IUP Research Institute (RI) can assist the Principal Investigator (PI) with managing the many aspects of a sponsored project. This includes compliance with university policies, federal Uniform Guidance, federal/state laws, and funding agency contractual terms and conditions

It is the PI’s responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions of their award. Carefully review the award budget and all reporting requirements or deliverables associated with the award. The PI understands their research best and ultimately it is their responsibility to ensure that project expenses are reasonable, allowable, and allocable to the project. Hiring employees, agreement for services, purchases, travel arrangements, etc. can be confusing and a Post-Award Grant and Contract Specialist (GCS) can guide you through the process. 

Project Implementation Expectations

Fiscal Management of Awards

Hiring Grant Funded Personnel

Agreement for Services/Sub Award



Budget Modifications

Extension of Project

Project Reports

Export Controls