Please review the personnel section of your project budget carefully. Faculty and staff compensation will be detailed there as well as any graduate assistantships or hourly student workers. At IUP, student workers must be hired through Hire a Hawk. Check your university’s human resources website for guidance on hiring students. 

International students must be hired through their university. Their visa stipulates that they must work on campus.

The IUP Research Institute (RI) can hire project employees for projects that are awarded to the RI. This is typically for short-term research work, such as summer field technicians. The RI is a separate entity, and any enrolled students you may hire will have to complete the RI hiring process and orientation. There are several steps to the hiring process, so please allow plenty of time before you need the work to begin. 

Please reach out to your Post-Award Grant and Contract Specialist for guidance on the RI hiring process.

RI Position Vacancy Form

IUP Hire a Hawk