IUP President Michael Driscoll

President Michael Driscoll took office on July 1, 2012, selected by the Board of Governors of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering, with a focus on computer systems and design, and leads with vast experience at both the campus and system levels.

Strategic Plan

IUP's Strategic Plan for 2020-25 is designed to transform the culture at IUP to enhance the student experience by fostering exceptional student-centeredness.

Council of Trustees

The council holds four scheduled meetings on campus each academic year.

Student Centered, Forward Facing : The 2020 President's Report

The report, available in digital format, covers major highlights from 2020 and a presentation of the university in numbers.

IUP's New Reality

If members of the IUP community would like to register interest in working collaboratively to solve problems and create new programming, please send a message to marcom-inquiry@iup.edu.

IUP Points of Pride

Highlights in academics, athletics, scholarships, grant awards, and more.



President Presents “Points of Pride”

On May 4, 2023, President Michael Driscoll shared several “IUP Points of Pride” at the May Council of Trustees meeting.

IUP Council of Trustees Present Resolution of Appreciation to Student Trustee Maura King

On May 4, 2023, Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Council of Trustees presented a resolution of appreciation to Maura King for her leadership, service, and commitment to IUP as the student member of the Council of Trustees.

Council of Trustees’ Public Meeting, May 4

President Driscoll invites the IUP community to attend the public meeting of the IUP Council of Trustees on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. in Conference Room 6/7 at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex.

Haque to Serve in Student Trustee Position at IUP

Shagufta Haque, an economics honors track and finance double major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, has been approved to serve as a student trustee on the IUP Council of Trustees by the Pennsylvania State System Board of Governors.

IUP Launching Student Success Infrastructure

The Student Success Infrastructure, a new organizational model that will drive IUP closer to our goal of student centeredness, was announced by President Driscoll. The mission of the Student Success Infrastructure is to help each and every student at IUP persist while providing the highest quality academic and personal experience possible, from pre-enrollment through program completion.