IUP's New Reality


Student Virtual Town Hall to Discuss the Fall Semester, IUP NextGen, Scheduling Changes, and More

President Driscoll will host a town hall meeting for students via Zoom on Thursday, April 22, 2021, at 5:30 p.m. Topics will include the fall semester and how we plan on getting “back to normal,” the impact of IUP NextGen, and the scheduling changes we’re putting in place—including additional time between classes and the Common Hour.

IUP's New Reality: President Driscoll Wraps Up Series with Town Hall

On May 14, 2020, President Michael Driscoll wrapped up the New Reality series by holding a town hall via Zoom for faculty and staff members.

IUP's New Reality: Creating an Environment of Student Success

In the fifth installment of the New Reality Series, Tom Segar, vice president for Student Affairs, describes how the Student Affairs Division has been focusing on helping students develop a sense of belonging while building diversity awareness, and inclusive community—before the COVID-19 pandemic and in a digital format since the pandemic’s arrival.

IUP's New Reality: A New Strategic Plan

In the fourth installment of the New Reality series, Scott Moore and Paula Stossel, who chair the University Planning Council, discuss the UPC’s restructuring and the development of a new strategic plan for the university.

IUP's New Reality: Inspire Initiative Update

In the third installment of the New Reality series, Karen Rose Cercone and John Lewis, who chair the Inspire initiative—the examination of programs to ensure that the best possible academic experiences are in place for students while ensuring IUP’s sustainability—have provided an update.

IUP's New Reality: Inspiring Bold and Appropriate Programming

In this second installment of “IUP’s New Reality,” Timothy Moerland, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, discusses Inspire, an initiative to ensure IUP’s academic programs are what students seek, measured against what areas will best benefit society and the world moving forward.

IUP's New Reality: A Breakdown of Enrollment

To follow up remarks President Michael Driscoll made at his 50 Minutes event on November 6, 2019, referred to as “IUP’s New Reality,” members of the university community have agreed to share their perspectives on the conditions that IUP faces moving forward and initiatives that are underway. In this first installment, Patricia McCarthy, vice president for Enrollment Management, breaks down the challenges IUP faces for enrollment.

Driscoll Outlines IUP's New Reality, Invites Solutions at 50 Minutes Event

At his first 50 Minutes with President Driscoll event of the academic year, President Michael Driscoll provided a brief overview of IUP’s current enrollment and budgetary situations, dubbing them IUP’s “new reality,” and challenged members of the IUP community to work together to create ways to differentiate IUP from its competition while creating the best experience for students.