2019 President's Report

Making an Impact in Changing Times

Last winter, the IUP community was in a mode of thoughtful change and adaptation to meet our student's needs. We were moving swiftly. We were on the verge of distributing this report of 2019 in late February.

And then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. In the face of the crisis, we learned that we are a stronger university community than we ever really knew. We learned that we can change even faster, with more confidence and more purpose than we thought possible. We have found greatness and good that have surprised us and inspired us.

This report, indeed, reflects a 2019 IUP, a university responding to a changing world by leading in so many waysa university worthy of support and attention. I'm proud to share this report of progress. What's more, I'm looking forward to sharing a similar publication that highlights IUP's accomplishments in 2020.

Michael Driscoll