The University Libraries represent the intellectual center of IUP and strive to serve all members of its community. The University Libraries support and advance IUP's education and research mission by providing transformative informational resources for its community to access, explore, evaluate, and create knowledge. While offering the best of a traditional research library, the University Libraries have progressively moved forward to the next level.

To develop and maintain collections and services that align with the evolving and future needs of IUP, the University Libraries must rely on private gifts and donations to help move forward. Gifts like yours make the difference between an adequate library and an excellent one.

Your gift can support any aspect of University Libraries and will help ensure that the Libraries continue to provide essential and innovative resources for IUP's community.

There are several options available for you to join us in this endeavor.

How to Give

  • Annual Giving

    Small amounts over a long period of time yield big results. Donations to a specific library fund can be made annually, or more frequently as convenience merits, and can be done through payroll deduction. A statement documenting the gift will arrive from the Foundation for IUP each year at tax time. The easiest way to send your gift to University Libraries is to use the Foundation for IUP Giveagift secure online form. Please contact Patti Cornman at 724-357-2331 or by email at for more details.
  • Planned Giving

    Planned gifts are an effective way to support the University Libraries and, at the same time, to achieve your personal goals. Specialists in the Foundation for IUP can assist in estate planning to make long-term plans for gifts such as stocks, securities, real estates, mutual funds, trusts, wills, and annuities. These gifts can have significant tax benefits for the donors while providing important support for the library and the university. Please contact Patti Cornman at 724-357-2331 or by email at for more details.
  • Gifts in Kind

    Donations of books, journals, and other appropriate material are made with some frequency. The library works with donors and appraisers to expedite and find the most appropriate use for these important gifts. Gift bookplates identifying donors are added as a matter of routine. To learn how to make a gift in kind donation, the types of gifts preferred, and tax considerations, please view the Donations of Books and Materials page and our Gift in Kind Donation Form. If you'd like to discuss your donation or gift plans, please contact Chris Clouser, Collection Development Librarian, at 724-357-5697 or by email at
  • Honor with Books

    Honor with books provides a means to mark special occasions and special people with lasting recognition. With a donation of $50 or more, the library will place a bookplate in a newly purchased book. The bookplate will recognize both the donor and the person honored. It is a permanent addition to the library's collection—appropriate for graduations, memorial tributes, retirements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and personal or professional achievements. The library will send an acknowledgement to the donor with a copy to the honoree, or to the family of the person memorialized informing them of the donation. For information on participating in Honor with Books, please contact Patti Cornman at 724-357-2331 or by email at for more details.