Conducting Research through the Office of International Education and American Language Institute

Anyone interested in conducting graduate-level research for an IUP Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation in the field of International Education through the IUP Office of International Education (OIE) or the IUP intensive English program, American Language Institute (ALI), must submit IUP IRB Approval and a copy of the proposal with clear details about the group of students to be researched.

Research for courses (undergraduate or graduate) is not supported due to the volume of requests.

Research requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to approval based on the number of requests submitted for the same time period. We will not provide researchers with IUP student contact information, but, if approved to conduct research, we will forward research proposals electronically to the selected demographic group .

Upon completion of any research conducted at the OIE or ALI, please submit a copy (print or electronic) of the completed article, presentation, report, thesis, or dissertation.